A Sneak Peak Behind Amazon’s Warehouse Doors

As you sit at your computer to do your one click shopping on amazon.com, the one stop shop for everything from clothes, to books, to food, to electronics, and everything in between, did you ever stop to wonder what happens in between that final checkout click and the package arriving on your front door step? These pictures offer an inside peak at a some of the 80 fulfillment warehouses that keep the largest online retailer moving forward. Amazingly no robots are involved in the location of merchandise, just regular human beings armed with handy barcode scanners.

The Photos Behind Norman Rockwell’s Iconic Paintings

In his 50 year career with The Saturday Evening Post, Norman Rockwell’s cover paintings became some of the most iconic images of everyday life in America. Today, prints of the romanticized paintings of a simpler time are popular wall decor in diners and grandparents’ homes and commonly referenced in movies and TV shows. It would be nearly impossible to find an American adult who has not been exposed to at least one of these famous works, therefore it’s quite exciting to find out that the characters in each painting were, in fact, real people. The Norman Rockwell Museum revealed them all when they featured a landmark exhibition of nearly 20,000 reference photographs that inspired his collections.

Visual Bits #266 > Lights, Camera, Action!

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A Robotic Arm Lends a Hand to Slow Motion Filmography

In the world of slow motion cinematography the camera action has always been still due to technical limitations, until now. The Marmalade has put together a production studio consisting of directors, DoPs, model-makers, mechanical engineers, food stylists, pyrotechnicians, matte painters, fluids specialists, 3D-animators, and compositing professionals which is capable of producing complex slo-mo shots, using their state of the art equipment and software.