These Adorably Unhappy Dogs are Getting a Bath. Wet Dog Photographs from Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand Wet Dogs 3

Being a dog is tough: just when you think you’ve gotten to the perfect level of smelliness, some human comes along and gives you a bath! Ok, we’re not sure if that’s really what dogs think, but it’s certainly the kind of look these dogs are giving the camera in the latest series, Wet Dog, from photographer Sophie Gamand. Some of these little pooches look like they’re about to bite your hand off, others look absolutely forlorn, and some have simply resigned themselves to waiting until this whole wet mess is over.

Looking Sad in the Bathtub is Super Chic

Looking sad and distraught is not a new fad — people have been sad on the internet for years — it’s just become increasingly apparent with the advent of popular micro-blogging sites like Tumblr. These are the places where lonely teenagers (and people in their 20s) turn to document their lives in online journals, then share it with the millions of users around the world. Whether people are desperately alone in the harsh climates of Siberia, sharing a fleeting moment of self doubt in the crowded, insaneness of Manhattan, or staring out their window into the endless suburbs of Chicago; looking sad has always had an artistic quality.