Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Franchises Visualized by Longevity and Success


Visual agency Column Five has taken the Forbes’s list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world and done with it what they do best, visualize it.

The interactive piece lays teams out on axes of championships won and positions them against their number of years in existence. Much how Barry Petchesky of Deadspin puts it, “It’s good to be good, and it’s good to be old.

Interestingly enough, the interactive graph shows just how many sports franchises cluster towards the bottom of the Y-axis, indicating an immense amount of sports teams who have won none or close to no championships.

Visual Bits #397 > How It Was Back Then: A Vintage Era

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How Profitable and “Liked” are the Top Four World Series Contenders?

Profits and baseball have a love affair that’s filled with as much passion as the fans have for their favorite teams — and it continues to grow. The average value of a Major League Baseball team rose 16 percent during the past year to a record high of $605 million. With the battle over for the chance to play in the World Series (congrats to the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers), this infographic takes a look at the top four World Series contenders — revenue, income, value, and social networking profiles — and see if they’re a factor in a team making it to the World Series.

Hold Still! Baseball Action Shots from the late 1800’s

Hop aboard our time machine and join us as we take you out to a ballgame in the 1800’s. A time when outs were called “hands”, batters were called “strikers”, runs were called “aces” or “counts”, gloves had no padding (19th Century Baseball), and Cracker Jacks were just a gleam in their creators’, Fritz & Louie Rueckheim, eyes. As you scroll through this unusual collection, take note of the telekinetic skills of ball levitation, the fashionable uniforms (especially the one with a bow tie) and the art of dead pan facial expressions.

Brian Wilson’s Beard Update

Baseball season has started folks. For the next half of the year, all 30 teams will compete to be in the World Series for a final showdown of two stellar MLB teams. Two years ago, famous pitcher Brian Wilson helped lead his team, the San Francisco Giants, to a World Championship. Some say it was his concentration that won the World Series, some say it was his strong arm, and some say it was his Beard.

Tracking Your Team Through the Baseball Season

Here in the States, Baseball season is upon us and the country is looking forward to a long and exciting year of stolen bases, double-plays and epic walk-off home runs. How are things going to pan out for your team? This beautiful interactive poster helps you track the data of your favorite team, game by game, through the full season… by the time October rolls around you’ll have a full, ready to frame visualization of how your team faired, from first pitch to their final standings.

Who Are The Die Hard Baseball Fans?

With the World Series in full swing, this new graphic by designer Russ Maschmeyer comes in the nick of time for solving heated team rivalries. Using his personally invented (and quite complex) Die Hard Fan Index (DHI), Maschmeyer has figured out just how strongly baseball fans support their team. To come up with a meaningful number, the index takes into account ticket prices compared to income earned, attendance to stadium capacity and home losses to home games. How did the Rangers and Cardinals fair on this creative comparison