Overlapping Worlds: Cinta Vidal’s Unique Paintings Show the Dimensions of Our Lives

Not only do our lives coexist with millions of others on this planet, we also have overlapping dimensions of our own lives. From work, to family, core relationships, ambitions, and passions, we have many different realities swirling around us. Painter Cinta Vidal Agulló attempts to express this sentiment in her gravity-defying paintings. The Barcelona-based artist uses acrylic paint on wooden panels to create scenes that show the intersection of multiple experiences. Like a colorful, more lively 3D rendition of M.C. Escher’s House of Stairs, the paintings entertain the brain and understanding her purpose opens the mind for philosophical pondering.

Photographer Captures Life on a Bench for a Year in Barcelona

Spanish photographer Gabor Erdely came up with a simple idea for capturing some of the life in the beautiful city of Barcelona: photograph a seaside bench for a year. In the Barceloneta area of the city, Erdely faithfully took photos from a bird’s-eye view to capture the many ways the locals use the bench.

Emptyland: Hollow Animal Pairs Unravel Before Your Eyes

Most of us have all experienced strange dreams in our lifetimes, but not all of us have the ability to bring them to life through illustration. Two years ago, on a flight from Miami to Madrid, Barcelona-based illustrator Jaume Montserrat had a surreal dream that he could not get out of his mind. In the dream he felt as though he had woken up on an island filled with hollow, asexual, peaceful creatures- one of each species- that lived together symbiotically. He felt as if he was in a space-time vacuum and lived on the island for a month, watching the sun rise 29 times before he awoke and realized it was all a dream. He was inspired to create this series which he calls Emptyland.

A Film Shows How La Sagrada Familia Will Look When Completed (as Soon as 2026!)

We Build Tomorrow Sagrada Familia1

Just when you thought Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia basilica couldn’t get any bigger, another tower goes up. The master work of Antoni Gaudi, the fantastic structure is on a truly classic building schedule. Started in 1882 (just 131 years ago) the structure was only half completed in 2010. That means there’s far more to complete, and even at its current dizzying height, there’s far more upward growth to be seen. With a strong final push, new targets have been set for a final completion in just 13 years – at the end of 2026.

What’s Inside these Bizarre Cartoons? A Whole Lot of Weirdness, That’s What.

What's inside 1

The cartoon characters drawn by the dynamic duo of Juan and Alejandro Mingarro (aka Brosmind) are always weird and surprising, so much so that they reveal even weirder things when we look at their insides. Yeah, that’s pretty weird, but we’ve come to expect this kind of thing from these Spanish designers. They created their studio back in 2006 as a professional outlet for their constant sketching which always seems to combine a healthy dose of fantasy, humor and the absolutely bizarre. This latest series, What’s Inside, is no different.

Binary Prints Appear Wildly Different at Day or Night

Alex Trochut Binary Prints header

When we arrive in a new place at night, the world looks different. Colors – if we see any – are muted, and dark shapes dominate a landscape difficult to accurately decipher. When the morning comes and we see the same place again, it can appear completely different. Colors invisible in the night now appear bright or even florescent. Objects hidden in shadow reveal themselves. Why bring this all up? Because this new series of posters from Alex Trochut, called Binary Prints, turns the whole light/dark concept on its head, revealing far more at night than during daylight hours.

Beautiful Black and White Photos of La Sagrada Familia


In the heart of Barcelona is one of the world’s most amazing cathedrals. La Sagrada Familia, which was designed by Antoni Gaudi and is still under construction after 130 years, still moves everyone that walks through its doors. The structure is highly unique, and while it takes inspiration from the common Gothic cathedrals found in Europe, it employs a much more contemporary aesthetic in its form. It is hoped that the cathedral will be completed by 2026, 100 years after the death of Gaudi.

Visual Bits #336> Collection Of Beautiful Landscapes

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Typies Literally Launched All Over Barcelona

To mark Typie’s product launch they invited people on the streets of Barcelona to literally launch each letter of their cushion alphabet onto a moving couch with wheels! They filmed the entire experience from A to Z in one day from the beach to the plazas and every side street in between, then edited it into this awesome, fun video. One handed or two, between the legs or over the head, the throwing techniques were as different as the people who threw them. They used B for Ben, J for Jessica, P for Paul, etc. A unique cushion for each person’s initial.The last letter was thrown through Typie’s creator Soraia Balelo’s balcony window.

Painting Beauty With A Splash Of Color

Celebrating the female form in pencil and vibrant splashes of watercolor, Barcelona based artist Conrad Roset’s intimate artworks express bold sensuality and beauty. He has recently released a video of his process creating the piece displayed above, showing his deft skill at freehand drawing and his spontanious yet perfectly chosen application of color.