Barbie Got Back- Doll With Real Woman Measurements

Nickolay Lamm- Barbie 1

Long before every magazine cover was photoshopped, little girls were learning impossible ideals of what a woman’s body “should” look like from their favorite doll, Barbie. Even as Mattel has tried to make their dolls more PC- with ranges of hair colors and skin tones (though black Barbie still had Caucasian features), Share a Smile Becky- a friend in a wheel chair, and prestigious careers like Dr. Barbie, her proportions remain sickly. If the average Barbie were 5’9″, she would weigh 110lbs, with a BMI too low for menstruation, and her measurements would be 36-18-33. Even “Human Barbie Doll” Valeria Lukyanova doesn’t quite meet that standard at 34.5-18-34.5 and she is far from “normal” looking. Nickolay Lamm shows just how crazy this ideal is by creating a 3D model of the average 19 year old woman and placing it beside a Barbie doll.

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Re-membering Barbie: Fine Jewelry Made from the Icon

To some, dismembered Barbie is creepy, to others, plastic body parts are the perfect medium for jewelry. Barbie is the icon of little girls everywhere and a representation of childhood to women who enjoyed Barbie’s company when they were small. One woman, Margaux Lange, uses the nostalgia of Barbie as inspiration for her jewelry line, Plastic Body Series. She repurposes salvaged body parts and combines them with silver and colored resins to make unique Barbie (and Ken) body jewelry. Though there is a slightly creepy vibe to the jewelry if you think about it too hard, it is still beautiful and creative in its own way. It takes a second look to realize that the jewelry is actually made from Barbie, and Lange finds interesting ways to use pretty much every last inch of the doll and her six-pack clad boyfriend. “The collection is a result of a life-long fascination with the icon, and a desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art jewelry,” Lange said on her Etsy profile.

The Growing Industry Of Toys In The U.S.


How did you grow up? Was it with copious amounts of toys to occupy your time, like a Gameboy, a GI Joe, or Barbie? Did you always have the newest gadgets on the market? If you answered yes to those questions, you probably grew up in the U.S. and can say you contributed to 26.8% of the world’s toy market… a market which generates a revenue worth more than the movie and music industry combined. In some cases, movie action figures actually profited more than the very films on which they were based.