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Presidential Glitches: Portrait Collages Through Time

Tuesday 11.20.2012 , Posted by

With Obama voted in as the U.S. President for the next 4 years, now is the time to reflect on our learning from the past. In doing so we can better navigate the future and make choices which will benefit us both today and tomorrow. What better way to find inspiration and learning than from the memories of Presidents from the past – in this case with art inspired by them. Paris based Olivier Ratsi has created a series of glitchy, collage like portraits of past U.S. leaders which he calls Once Upon a Time the Presidents. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #307 > The Old And The New: Election 2012

Tuesday 11.06.2012 , Posted by

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Obama: His Likeness Made from a One Dollar Bill

Friday 09.14.2012 , Posted by

Last time we checked, George Washington was the face of the one dollar bill… but in this case, we have the face of Barack Obama made out the greenbacks various flourishes, typographical elements and mint stamps. Created by Design Cartel, the likeness is rather impressive. [Read more…]


Floating 3D Portraits in Panes of Glass

Wednesday 11.30.2011 , Posted by

The heads of famous figures float quietly like holographic images in NFN Kalyan’s 3D glass sculptures. To create the effect, his works use multiple planes of glass with layers of the figures features meticulously etched into their surfaces. Viewed from directly ahead, the faces appear completely in 3D; only when the viewer moves to the side do the joined layers of glass begin to reveal the true nature of the illusion. [Read more…]


Unusual Glimpses: Famous People At Leisure

Friday 09.16.2011 , Posted by

Whether it’s hamming it up with other stars, snapshots before they got big or just a insightful and revealing candid shot, this photographic sampling from the unique and addictive blog This Is Not Porn looks at the famous people we’ve known for years, but in a light we haven’t often witnessed. Not just a gallery of Hollywood stars, the photographs subjects range from loved authors, to painters and even scientists. Definitely worth a look. [Read more…]