Banksy’s “Alarming” New Work in Bristol

Despite the recent hoax claiming that he’d been arrested and identified, legendary street artist Banksy continues to paint up the city. In fact, in the midst of the uproar over whether he’d been identified, a new work appeared on his website.

Banksy’s Provocative New Work “Sirens of the Lambs” Goes on Tour in New York

Sirens of the Lambs Banksy 3

I’m going to coin what I think is a new term: offensively cute. That pretty much sums this new provocative work by Banksy, now touring the streets of New York’s meatpacking district. He’s kitted out a slaughterhouse delivery truck complete with frightened animatronic stuffed animas from cows to pandas that would have the the late Jim Henson rolling in his grave. To top it off, they’re all letting out stuffed animal squeaker screams which has frightened some butchers and plenty of kids. Check out the video below. See? Offensively cute.

Is it Copying, Remixing, or Just Chance? Website asks of similar artworks: Who Wore It Better?

Who Wore it Better 11

Call it a copy, call it a tribute… we might think we’re in the age of the remix, but we’re not: this has been going on for a long, long time. Just check out the mind blowing Everything is a Remix series by Kirby Ferguson or these creative comparisons from a fantastic site that asks: Who Wore It Better? Whether it’s Roy Lichtenstein directly appropriating comic book art from Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (and making a small fortune on the subsequent paintings), or van Gogh reworking Jean-François Millet’s painting in his own impressionistic style, there have been centuries of inspired ideas passed from one creative individual to the next… and even our most exalted heroes of creativity aren’t exempt from the practice. After all, as Picasso reportedly said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

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Animated El Bocho: Berlin Street Art Comes to Life

Web based artist ABVH made a splash earlier this year when he payed tribute to Banksy’s street art by creating 6 animated versions of the iconic artists pieces. In those works, sign inhabiting rats sprung to life, policemen got amorous, and a parking lot became much more playful. Now, taking his cues from ABVH’s project, Berlin based artist Nicolas Molès has created animated work based on local street artist El Bocho’s playful work.

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It’s Alive! Banksy’s Street Art Gets Animated

We’ve seen Banksy’s famous graffiti come to life as real people re-enacted his scenes for photographer Nick Stern and now an artist by the name of ABVH has brought them to life in a different way. ABVH has created animated GIF versions of some of our favorite works by Banksy and they have been spreading through Tumblr like wild fire. What could be more entertaining than watching a mouse run on a wheel all day? If you’re on Tumblr, you can follow ABVH and get his newest animations right away.

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More Real Life Banksy Photos by Nick Stern

About six weeks ago we brought you some of Nick Stern’s awesome Banksy re-makes using real people and now he has released even more. One of the most well known street artists of our time, Banksy’s satirical, political street art has brought him international fame. Nick Stern is also internationally acclaimed for his photography, so he is the perfect candidate to re-create some of these famous graffiti scenes.