An Annual Report Expressed with Contemporary Art

Some of the most interesting ideas come from the merging of many different concepts. In the case of this new advertisement from Germany based ad agency Jung von Matt, they have combined installation art, the infographic and their specialty, advertising. The result is one very different way to display their client L-Bank’s Annual Report.

Ties: Debt Slavery in the USA

With Occupy Wall Street spreading to other nations, the movement continues to grow ever stronger by the day. This piece shows the JP Morgan Chase logo attached to a set of handcuffs, as a short time after the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York, JP Morgan gave the NYPD the biggest one-time donation it had ever received: $4.6 million. It would seem the movement is having an impact

How Much Do We Spend On Food?

In these days of credit cards, debit cards, multiple bank accounts and a multitude of other money options, it can be pretty tough to figure out where all your money is going. Mint will not only track and total all your accounts instantly, while conveniently displaying the info on a single web page or your smart phone, but it also allows you to break down your spending into it’s exact type. You can set budgets and warnings for each category, from gasoline to fast food. After last months restaurant blowout, yours truly is eating healthier and shopping smarter.

This motion graphic utilizes aggregated (and anonymous) data based on the average Mint user’s spending on coffee, fast food, groceries, restaurants and alcohol.