Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies?

The title of this infographic by Massive Health reads like it was lifted off an episode of the hit TV show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Are Bananas Really As Bad For You As Cookies? Why would anyone ask if a banana is better for you than a cookie? It’s such a noob move, and the answer is such a no brainer — something even a 5th grader can get right. Imagine you’re sitting in your living room watching the show, Jeff Foxworthy pops this question and you instinctively shout at the television, “The cookie is way worse than the banana!” You pat yourself on the back proudly, confident in your answer. But, is it really? (cue Twilight Zone music).

Sagmeister’s Great Wall of Bananas

Give Stefan Sagmeister 7,400 bananas and some glue, and he will give you a giant Banana Wall. Titled Self-Confidence Produces Fine Results, the piece was part of an art exhibition at the Deitch Gallery entitled Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far. Yes, it smelled like thousands of ripening bananas…