You’ll Never Believe That These Are Ballpoint Pen Drawings

Based in Shanghai,China, Wang 2mu (二木 王) is pretty handy with a ballpoint pen. The illustrator works mostly with blue and red ink to create intricately detailed designs that look as though they could be digital. His themes revolve around technology, childhood nostalgia, and domestic culture. The level of saturation and three dimensionality that he achieves with simple ballpoint pens is unbelievable.

Photo-Realistic Portraits of Celebrities Drawn with Just a Ballpoint Pen

Moon River - Gareth Edwards

These aren’t photographs of classic celebs, although even looking close could leave you convinced. Each is in fact drawn with just your everyday ballpoint pen, leaving little room for error as they are both un-erasable and strictly linear in nature.

Psychedelic Creature Portraits Drawn With Intricate, Overlapping Lines of Colored Pen


When looking at illustrations by Korean visual artist Mossi, I am reminded of Spirograph designs, but peering from beneath the geometric patterns are the eyes of mysterious creatures. More impressive than the depth and detail of each psychedelic portrait is the fact that each was drawn freestyle, by hand using colored pen and ballpoint pen. The intricate strokes were meticulously overlapped to give off a level of brilliance that is easy to get lost in.

Styro-Art Masterpiece Found At Auto Shop

1 styrofoam cup art

What do you do while you’re waiting for your car to be serviced? Read a magazine? Play games on your phone? Call somebody? One anonymous man just doodled on a styrofoam cup with a ballpoint pen, but by the looks of it, this is not the first time he has done something like this. Covered in chain links, designs, cartoon characters, and words in negative, it’s mind-boggling how he got his hand into the inside of the cup to draw with this much detail. He left the impressive cup behind with important messages for all those who see it, which thanks to redditor SquishyMcPhee is now close to a million people.

Incredibly Detailed Bic Pen Drawings

1 Erik de Haan

With his trusty blue bic pen, Erik de Haan creates intricate drawings- many of which become tattoos. The 38 year old artist from the Netherlands has been drawing for as long as he can remember, but after his travels around the world- to Central America, Meico, Thailand and Laos- are constantly impacting his approach to art. Thailand particularly left a lasting impression on his style and he returned several times, then ventured to Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. The majority of his work features ancient forms “ancient forms and figures in a mixture with his own ideas and masks.”