Woman Quits Job to Build Sustainable Bamboo Homes in Bali

If you are from the United States or Europe, it’s unlikely your local planning commission would approve of a structure built out of bamboo. Yet, if you are from Eastern Asia, building with bamboo is one of your best options. The wood is stronger than you may think—it actually has the same strength as concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Yes, steel.

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Engagement photos in Exotic Bali

bali engagement photo

Every day people fall in love and get married… including on the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. Similar to engagement photos in America, Balinese photographers offer “pre-wedding” photo packages to happy couples before they have their official weddings. The various photographers take their couples to exotic places on the island including the beaches, jungles, waterfalls and temples.

Art Island: Artistic Video Postcards


Andrew Melikov is a wedding photographer by trade, but he is no ordinary wedding photographer. While capturing the big day for couples pays the bills, his work goes far beyond the white dresses and engagement rings. With many of the weddings in exotic locales around the globe he has taken to making video postcards that capture the destinations in an incredibly artistic way. With music backgrounds these video shorts leave you with a sense of wanderlust that will have you searching your favorite airfare sites for the latest cheap flight to somewhere exotic.

Balinese Healing Resorts

Along the Ayung River and amidst vibrant green rice paddies in Bali lies a luxury resort with a twist. Instead of regular massages and spa treatments, Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa offers a truly exotic menu of services that includes work by Balians, or Balinese traditional healers. The retreat also offers sacred arts and serves vegan cuisine and living food. To top off the magic is an incredible property with flora bursting from every corner and architecture that begs to be admired.

Outdoor Education in a Bamboo Forest

Spiralling bamboo architecture, open air classrooms and lessons in sustainable agriculture are just a few of the elements that make Green School a visionary establishment that promises to inspire the way we teach in the future. While in Bali this January, I had the fortunate opportunity to tour the eco institute, which I had heard about through John Hardy’s TED Talk (see below). Exploring the grounds in person was incredible. I was blown away by his vision and more importantly, by his ability to transform his daring dream into reality.