Did Evo Morales Watch Avatar?

World's Most Dangerous Road, Bolivia-2

Evo Morales has a reputation in the USA for his anti-USA sentiments.  Abroad, in many cases he is seen more along the lines of a socialist revolutionary than a nature loving environmentalist. At home in Bolivia, he is a man of the people, growing up as a farmer in a working class family.  His roots with the Aymara people in Bolivia win him points with local people, even though he may be seen as radical abroad. It is these roots that give him a tight bond with the natural world and as the 80th president of Bolivia, he has passed a law reminiscent of the belief system portrayed in the film Avatar.

Atari 2600: If It Was Made Today

When the video game crash hit North America in 1983 the market was flooded with poorly made versions of just about every movie of the era… with the biggest flop being a quickly produced version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The folks over at Penney Design have re-imagined that fantastic 8-bit period by creating Atari-like game boxes for todays movies and a few shows. We’re pretty sure Snakes on a Plane will be even better than the movie!