Suburban Street Art: What do the Neighbors Think?!


Ian Strange is using suburban homes as his canvas, transforming the iconic structures into massive three dimensional paintings. In some of his works, he wraps houses in monochromatic colors, painting windows, roofs and trim in the same color and transforming them into sculptural forms; in others he paints massive skulls on the walls or a huge “X” across an otherwise quant home. Called Suburban, this is the Australian artist’s most ambitious project to date, and has seen a number of houses along the eastern United States completely transformed from their mundane roots into striking street-side works of art… and in at least one case, he’s even burnt the structure to the ground. Just what do the neighbors think?!

Ink Illustrations on Vintage Book Pages

Loui Jover paintings 8

Beautiful faces peer from the pages of discarded vintage books. The printed word forms horizontal patterns in contrast with the curving forms of lips and hair, while giving each figure a certain fragility… “as if the wind may blow them away at any moment.” These are the ink drawings of Loui Jover, a Queensland Australia based artist who has been perfecting his craft since childhood.

Sticky Street Art Made From Masking Tape

Buff Diss Street Tape Art 19

One of the biggest problems facing street artists has always been the legality of painting on unauthorized walls. While many people cheer for a more art filled city, there are always those (including business owners) who decry the practice of using the urban environment as a canvas. Enter Aussie street artist Buff Diss, a man who uses masking tape to create his uniquely linear works of art… and in doing so makes works which can please everyone. Don’t like it? Simply peal it off.

The Dreamlike Self-Portraits of Dancer Ingrid Endel


Creative people have an innate need for an outlet to express themselves; for Ingrid Endel that channel was found through dance. However after multiple knee injuries, her dance career was brought to a halt after training for twelve years. It is then that she turned to photography to express her emotions and has found a way to utilize her polished dance poses to create stunning, conceptual self-portraits. Though her injuries may prevent her from starring in Swan Lake, she has found a way, just as elegant, to showcase her grace, strength, emotion, and creativity through her pictures. Her struggles to find joy again after her dreams of dancing were shattered are expressed beautifully in this ethereal photo series, which takes place in nature.

Mid-Century Modern Architecture on Acid

Paul Davies Colorful Mid-century Architecture 2

In Australian artist Paul Davies’ paintings, mid-century homes dominate the landscape with their linear styling, large windows and near ubiquitous swimming pools. His dreamy paintings feature washes of color that bring them into a later era, one filled with drug experimentation taking place after the seemingly idyllic 50s and 60s. Here the swimming pools are often empty and unused, the symbols of a bygone optimism and strict perfectionism now forgotten.

Geometric/Organic: Sculptures Carved from Pencils

Did you know pencil sculpting was a thing? That’s right, using the common graphite filled writing device, artists are creating beautiful works of art which combine both the geometric, stackable nature of the lowly pencil, and the often organic forms of hand sculpted art. By glueing the hexagonal sticks of wood together and then carving the resulting block, large honeycomb-like structures can be created. Depending on if a colored pencil or graphite is used, the carved portions of the resulting forms reveal the inner writing material and form a flowing surface of pixilation.

Mark Visser Rides Big Waves at Night!

Just last night Australian surfer Mark Visser made other big wave riders look like they could step up their game, challenging giant waves in inky black darkness. With a custom-built lighted surfboard and floatation vest, Visser was towed into the famous Maui surf at 2am and professionally rode the 15 foot breaking wave. The spectacle is all part of a film he is currently making called 9 Lives. You can find out more on his website at