Hanging Celebrity Portraits Made From…

Sometimes clouds look so solid you could reach out and touch them, but any attempt would reveal that they are made from tiny water droplets. The celebrity portraits of artist Augusto Esquivel are much the same, but instead of water, he uses buttons.

Strings of Buttons Become Musical Instruments


Remember those beaded curtains from the 70’s? Miami based artist Augusto Esquivel has used a similar concept to create life sized musical instruments- but walking through these would be a sin. The installations were created by stringing colored sewing buttons on to dangling fishing wire from an overhead support. Esquivel meticulously placed each button so that your eyes will fill in the spaces to see each object. Jean-Luc Samuel Gallic calls it three dimensional pointillism. At his most recent exhibit, Esquivel showcased an upright piano, cello, harp, and phonograph fashioned in this method.