Your Favorite Movies Remixed into An Audio Playground

It’s hard to get enough of these amazingly beautiful movie remixes from audio/visual master Pogomix. It’s not so much about the video here though, but more about the intricate audio collages remixed from the sounds in each film. Pogomix does this adeptly, creating electronic music which sweeps us away into a nostalgic sugar high, reminding us of our youth and tickling our ears with smooth sine wave bass. He’s taken such hits as Hook, Harry Potter and about every Disney Princess movie, and created extremely catchy tunes using sounds from the films.

Make Addictive Music With Otomata

Batuhan Bozkurt, a sound artist, computer programmer and performer from Turkey, has recently created a audio toy that is entirely addictive. Otomata is a generative sequencer that uses cellular automation to produce beautiful echoing music. By placing cells onto the grid in different patterns and hitting play a huge spectrum of rhythms can be created. When the moving cells encounter a wall they produce a sound event (with tones determined by its xy location) and reverse direction. When two cells encounter each other things get really interesting as they rotate direction 90 degrees clockwise. Repeating patterns can be created, but add in the element of these cellular collisions and often a pattern will take on a random life of it’s own.

Looks Like a Bright Future: Open Source Laser Projection

The fine people over at have generously created a new open-source set of software called OpenLase to control DIY laser projectors in real time… and the results are top-notch.

Using an audio card to control the lasers movement, the applications for this software are almost limitless. Below you will find videos showing experimentation with real time gaming, audio visualization and even an interactive 3D harp that is playable, all displayed by a $270 projector.

As of yet there is no documentation for the software, but should there be enough interest there is the possibility that a manual or at least support will be offered. To find out more about this project or to get your own copy, check out