Photos from The Heart of Borneo

The Heart of Borneo 9 dean bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw is an Australian photographer and digital artist current living in Southern California. A few years ago, he traveled to the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia to capture the essence of the exotic area. His images are rich with story and wonder, and provide a sense of tranquility to all who view them.

The real stories of the silk Rail road


Often, photographers capture beauty of landscapes, of faces, of artistic expression, but more often than not, the stories behind the photos are not told. Randy Lin and Dimitry Levdanski are setting out to go beyond the two dimensions of photography.  Their project titled “Silk Rail Road” is setting out to capture the incredible beauty and landscapes of the rail road that runs from Astana, Kazakhstan to Bejing, China that runs along the old Silk Road.  Covering 2,500 miles, this journey will go well beyond the natural beauty of this incredible region.

See their Kickstarter here.

25 Awesome Castles You Should See

Anyone who has done even a little bit of traveling knows the drill – if the place you are visiting has a castle, taking an overpriced tour that ends with you being ripped off in an overpriced gift shop is a non-negotiable. Don’t worry though, you’re not the first person to be tortured within the confines of those massive walls, and at least nowadays it involves taking your money rather than your appendages. To spare you the wallet pain, however, the team at List25 has scoured the globe in order to bring you 25 awesome castles you should see… at least on your computer screen.

A park on top of the world.


Sands SkyPark at Sunrise

Are you afraid of extreme heights?  Are you comfortable with lounging in a beach chair on top of a skyscraper? Do you trust a giant swimming pool that is perched at over 600 feet above the ground?  These are all questions that you should be asking yourself if you want to spend some of your R & R time at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The Language of Four Beautiful Cities

Filmed on location in London, Paris, Barcelona and Beijing, this quartet of beautifully produced commercials are almost too seductive to be considered ad material… but that makes them more perfect still. Each film follows a hopeful traveler finding their way about the city, meeting new friends and enjoying the sights. The over exposed images are overlayed with crisp motion graphic typography that describes the scene in local tongue. The effect is elegant, educational and moving.