The Top 50 Art Blogs to Follow

To continually cure your eyeball boredom, we are constantly keeping tabs on the internet’s finest content. As a Column Five project, we love uniting data with design, but we also like to highlight incredible artists, new technologies and amazing people. We have compiled a list of the 50 Top Art Blogs that we love to follow and think you will too. Since we’re crazy about data, we ranked our favorite blogs by the number of Facebook likes.

These Artists are Bringing Andy Warhol Back for a One-of-a-Kind Live Collaboration

Only icons stand the test of time, and this is one of them. 28 years ago, Andy Warhol collaborated with Absolut to create its Absolut Warhol painting. Now on October 1, Absolut will try to connect with him once again.



We have teamed up with our friends from the art blogs Sick Of The Radio and Scene 360 to offer you this awesome giveaway! Everything in this set comes in a hand oiled wooden box with a leather handle for easy travel. Grab and go- to class, to the park, to the cafe, and set up on site with its useful tilt-out canvas board holder. It comes with a set of four Utrecht series 300 Taklon brushes you can lay out on it’s aluminum lined brush trays. It also comes with a 8 x 10 canvas board, a plastic palette, a trowel shaped palette knife, and a double aluminum palette cup. Last, but not least, it’s equipped with 12 different 2 oz. tubes of Utrecht acrylics. Valued at $119, it’s the perfect prize for any artist. Whether you already love to paint, have been wanting to start, or want to avoid spending money on the perfect gift for any artist friends, this giveaway is just too good to pass up.

105 World Artists Decorate Paper Dogs

lazerian gerald paper dog project 14

If you gave 100 artists the same square canvas’ and told them to paint them, what you got back would be a lot of square paintings. In a similar way, British design studio Lazerian is doing the same thing… only they are doing it with paper dogs. Nicknamed “Gerald” their pointer like pup has been passed around to artists world-wide (with a head nod to the now classic CowParade), creating a pack of colorful and creative dogs for people to collect and assemble themselves.

Visual Bits #413 > Striking Drawings: Minimal & More

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Visual Bits #408> A Whirling Surreal Reality: Illustrations

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Artists Create 1000 Portraits of a Young Girl

Adorable 1000 portraits of daughter 13

Many people are thrilled to have someone paint or draw an image of their child… but imagine having 1000 portraits created of your precious little creation! That’s about the gist of this very cool project featuring adorable 3 year-old Adora Levin (aka NyuNyu). Her father, Hanan, had the idea of having artists from around the world create their own interpretation of images he’s posted of Adora, and the results are highly entertaining. The stack of art is piling up… with over 500 artists having already participated.

Interactive: Exploring Abstract Artist Connections

Inventing Abstraction 2

Today it’s easy to take for granted the massive shift abstract art had on the art world and society as a whole. It’s easy to forget that at one time “realism” was par for the course and even the expressionists made sure you could identify the objects in their works. Then, just a little over 100 years ago, abstract artists appeared on the scene forever changing what could be considered art. This interactive visualization by New York’s Museum of Modern Art explores the similarly forgotten fact that many of the first abstract artists where highly connected to one another.

Visual Bits #265 > Walls See It All

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Visual Bits #263 > Illustrating The Oddities

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