Is this Infinite Traffic, or A Celebration of American Iron?

A literally endless stream of Matchbox and Hotwheels toy cars threads its way through the air, looping around a möbius strip that forms the symbol for infinity. The work is part of artist Chambliss Giobbi’s new exhibition American Iron, a show that explores the “inventiveness, expanse, and ultimate collapse” of a uniquely American culture.

Get It While It’s Hot: Opening September 6th – Slow Culture’s Illustrators Vol. 1 in Los Angeles


This just in: Slow Culture, an independent art gallery in the historic Northeast LA neighborhood of Highland Park is launching their show “Illustrators Vol. 1 tomorrow Friday September 6th. The show will feature the work of 6 fantastic up and coming illustrators they love: Benjie Escobar, Brandon Spiegel, Eric Mchenry, Ken Garduno, Mike Jones and Suedehead.

RCA Secret: Can You Spot a Famous Artist in the Crowd?

Simone Rowat

It’s not very often that you get to purchase a famous artists work at a bargain price. Most of the time those are the stories we here about in the news: “Picasso purchased for $26 at yard sale – new owner as surprised as the world.” The long running RCA Secret offers you almost the same chance. The annual sale, hosted by London’s Royal College of Arts, featured 2700 postcard sized artworks this year, some from students, others from often famous invited guests. The catch? The name of the artist is only revealed after you buy the piece. So, can you spot a Paula Rego at 20 paces?

Nickelodeon Nostalgia Art Show- It’s the ShizNICK!

1-Jim Rugg

What what what would you do if you could take a ride on a pie coaster or take home a piece of the Aggro Crag? Even if Nickelodeon’s amazing line up of 90’s game shows were still going strong, most of us would probably be too old to participate. But if you’re in the LA area this weekend you can re-live the portion of your childhood you spent glued to the TV watching Nickelodeon at iam8bit’s show It’s the ShizNICK! For their opening night extravaganza this Friday, April 18th, from 7-11pm they will have epic installations, music by DJ Lance, an animated GIF theater, refreshments by Bel-Sit and of course SLIME! RSVP on Facebook to attend this incredible event for all ages!

Safety, Speed, Comfort: Rare Posters of World Travel

Before you could easily jet-set around the world, reaching your destination in only a matter of hours, the prospect of world travel was far more slow… and probably more exciting. Now Zeitlos, a Berlin based purveyor of vintage design, is opening an exhibition of rare travel posters from the dawn of world travel. Featuring ocean liners, fast (and safe) trains, airplanes and even a few rare zeppelins, the posters are beautiful examples of the exciting time when foreign lands seemed further away… and even more foreign.

Black Forest: Tape Drawings Bring the Woods to Life

Looking like highly complex digital wireframes of a forest environment, these dark and foreboding works by New York City based artist Hong Seon Jang are creatively made using common school room materials. Jang uses chalk boards as a dark opaque canvas for his work, using clear layers of tape to create his many overlapping lines. The resultant images look much like wireframe models before surface textures have been rendered.

Sensacional! The Bold Aesthetic of Mexican Design

For anyone that has traveled “south of the border” into Mexico, you know that the country has an aesthetic all its own. The countries highly expressive ads, plastered on many walls around small towns and big cities, call to passerby in loud colors and bold graphics unlike anywhere else. Masked wrestlers peddle toothpaste, hand-painted signs advertise candy and some ads only makes sense if you live there.

Current Artists Reinterpret Norman Rockwell

No art seems to have better represented the American good life than that of the iconic Norman Rockwell. Over thirty years after his death, his traditionally themed works still resonate with a huge audience of fans, warming peoples hearts with their down to earth home-cooked goodness. Now ISM in collaboration with Muckenthaler Cultural Center are bringing together contemporary reinterpretations of his work created by 40 current artists.