Visual Bits #431 > Be My Rock: Art Installations

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Mechanical Buddhas Bring Motion into Harmony

mechanical buddha 2

In the land of South Korea resides an artist by the name of Wang Zi Won – a man who is busy constructing mechanical figures of the Buddha. Interested in the relationship between man, science and technology, Wang hopes that the future holds a positive harmony between humans and technology… something he tries to bring forth in his Buddhas.

Visual Bits #401 > Let Art Grow: Mixed Media

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Bringing Iconic London to Burning Man 2013

London_BRC_Burning Man 2013 -1

It’s less than six months until Burning Man begins, so the large scale art installations and their creators are beginning to surface, making their needs for support known. Each year, hundreds of unique art installations are displayed at Black Rock City, the temporary community of 50,000-plus people that attend Burning Man every Summer. Large, medium or small, there are all sorts of amazing art projects that are brought to the gathering each year. One large scale project titled “London BRC” is beginning its campaign for support and it looks to be an amazing project if it can be made a reality.

Tree Roots as Art Installation


Yes, those are tree roots hanging from the top of the ceiling. They are there as part of an ongoing exhibit called “Secret Gardens” at the TENT Gallery in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The artist, Giuseppe Licari, brought the trees to show an underworld many don’t get to contemplate much.

Visual Bits #380> Incredibly Imaginative Sculptures

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Visual Bits #362> Wacky Creations: Furniture & More

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Visual Bits #356 > A Colorful World: Installs & More

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Compound I at Burning Man: Revisited

A couple months ago, we covered Kirsten Berg’s art installation named Compound I. Pronounced “compound eye,” it was to be built and displayed at Black Rock City for Burning Man for all to experience and interact with. With the help of over twenty donors, the project was funded and we have decided to do a follow up article on the unique art structure that feels like it is looking at you.

Visual Bits #269> Sinking Into Installations

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