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Can You Identify These 18 Everyday Objects Photographed Up Close?

Wednesday 01.28.2015 , Posted by
Ballpoint Pen

Look around you and the world seems pretty familiar – but if you look close enough, things can start to look pretty alien. For the recent project Amazing Worlds Within Our World, multi-talented artist Pyanek created a series of macro photos that explore everyday objects up close, revealing their minute details while obscuring what makes them so recognizable. [Read more…]


5500 Light Bulbs: An Interactive Sculpture Lets You Change The Phases of the Moon

Tuesday 01.27.2015 , Posted by
New Moon 6

The last time we covered artists Caitlind R.C. Brown and Wayne Garrett, they were encouraging people to control the weather with their interactive installation called CLOUD. This time they’re letting you take control of something even more difficult to grasp: the phases of the moon.

Built from 5500 burned out light bulbs donated by the community, the duo installed ‘New Moon’ in Lexington, Kentucky, last February. On the wooden platform beneath the four arches supporting the orb was an ornate turnstyle. When intrigued passerby gave it a spin, they changed the phases of the moon above. Surprising and delightful. [Read more…]


Mike Wellins’ Bizarre Additions to Thrift Store Paintings

Monday 01.26.2015 , Posted by
Mike Wellins Altered Thrift Store Paintings 1

Mike Wellins’ has an obsession with the odd things of the world, and he creates plenty of them too. Co-creator of Portland’s one-and-only “freakybuttrue” Peculiarium, he has been raiding thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales to feed his appetite for old paintings. He then remixes them with strange additions – like rocket packs for bunnies, to hoards of zombies. It’s a process that’s been dubbed NERC (Non-elective Retroactive Collaboration). [Read more…]


It Took Over 1000 Light Paintings to Create This Impressive Video

Friday 01.23.2015 , Posted by

Darren Pearson, aka Darius Twin, takes us on a trip to the Photon Zoo in his mesmerizing video Lightspeed. The last time we featured the Los Angeles-based light artist he was creating glowing dinosaurs in mid-air. Now he’s put his art in motion, which is no small feat when you consider how it’s made. For each frame you see here, Darius Twin takes a long exposure photograph and draws the entire camel, snake, dolphin, etc. Think about drawing something repeatedly, in mid-air, in darkness, and you get how impressive that is. [Read more…]


What Is Real and What is Magic? Masterful Illusions Painted by Robert Gonsalves

Tuesday 01.20.2015 , Posted by
Rob Gonsalves 2

Almost nothing is as it seems in Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves’ surreal paintings. Look at them from one perspective and they’re one thing, but from another an entirely different scene emerges. His witty and inspired creations are filled with masterful illusions that keep you guessing at what is real. [Read more…]


“Back to the Future II” Was Supposed to Happen in 2015. How Close Did It Get Today?

Thursday 01.15.2015 , Posted by

Two major milestones have been reached in 2015. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, and the year Marty McFly traveled to in the sequel, Back to the Future II. This has a lot of people asking one thing: “just how accurate did the second film get our current year?”

As with most future predictions, it’s a mixed bag. We’ve more than surpassed communication technology with smart phones (and thank goodness they’re not awkwardly strapped to our wrists)… but where’s my hoverboard?? [Read more…]


Are They Breathing? Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Warhol, Lincoln and Dali

Wednesday 01.14.2015 , Posted by
Hyper Realistic Sculptures Kazuhiro Tsuji 4

Kyoto-based artist Kazuhiro Tsuji has been shocking people with his incredibly lifelike sculptures of famous people. His perfect bust of Abraham Lincoln looks so real you’d swear he traveled back to 1865 to capture a color photograph. The same goes for his likenesses of art legends Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. While these sculptures may be new to you, you’ve probably seen Tsuji’s work before. He spent most of his career as a highly successful makeup artist in the film industry. [Read more…]


Before & After: Vintage Photographs Transformed Into Surreal Collages

Monday 01.12.2015 , Posted by
Luke Robson Digital Collage 1_2

UK artist Luke Robson is cutting up the past and rearranging it into these fantastic surrealist collages. His work imagines a retro-future filled with stars, cosmic rays, and space helmets, plus a healthy dose of bizarrely juxtaposed imagery – from dear busts on youthful swimmers, to a moon made of cheese. Giving a peek into his creative process, he recently shared his source imagery, which is fascinating on its own. [Read more…]


Artist Bogi Fabian Creates Hidden Bedroom Murals Using Glowing UV Paints

Saturday 01.10.2015 , Posted by
Bogifabian 1

If you think a few glowing stars on your ceiling are impressive, just get a look at these insane bedroom murals from Hungarian-born, Vienna-based artist Bogi Fabian. Many of her creations look like completely normal bedrooms until you flip on a black light. Suddenly you’re floating in the middle of open space, surrounded by glowing stars and cosmic clouds. In another room, waterfalls leap from the walls as if you’re out walking on a moon-lit night. Fabian uses UV paint to fill the room with hidden mural work, often working for long hours in black light to see what she is creating. [Read more…]


Danmalas: Meditative Arrangements of Flower Petals

Friday 01.09.2015 , Posted by

Kathy Klein is an avid lover of plants and the divine presence they can bring to other living beings. She creates “danmalas” as a way to share her passion for life. In Vedic sanskrit dān means “the giver,” and mālā means “garland of flowers”. She does just this, giving away her arrangements of petals and bulbs, which resemble mandalas. [Read more…]

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