Sculpted Clay Paintings Show Universal Connectedness

Arnaud Ramde 1

I was first introduced to Arnaud Ramde at a live music venue in NYC through a dear friend of mine. Like all of the people I have met from Burkina Faso, he emanated a calm, comforting, positive energy; an obvious contentment with life that is uncommon in the Western world. He seemed to have an understanding of the universe and the love that connects us all. When I first saw his art, it was like he had found the way to express all of this knowledge and share it with the world. Using a mixture of homemade clay and acrylic paint for color, Ramde brings a canvas to life with unique texture and dimension in a practice he calls “Vie Nenga” which is French for “Life Figures.” His sculpted paintings express a universal truth- the value of family, love, and work.