Cat Vs. Mouse: Medieval Battle Wear

1 Armor for cats jeff de boer

It’s always fascinating to go to a history museum and see suits of armor from the past, but it’s unlikely you’ve seen any of the armor that protected the pets of the time. Long before humans ever battled within their own species, cats and mice have had a long standing nemesis. Earlier than Tom & Jerry, Tweety & Sylvester, or Itchy & Scratchy ever graced our television screens, there lived a whole lot of cat and mice colonies strategically plotting how to take one another out. Although none of the original historical pieces have survived, as cats and mice were very good about keeping their wars a secret and never fighting with armor in the presence of humans, metal magician Jeff de Boer has sculpted these incredible hypotheses of what the suits of cat armor would look like.

Animal Armor: Cats and Mice Prepare for Battle

Jeff De Boer Cat and Mouse Armor_01

It’s an age old battle of the species, made famous in books like the mouse based Redwall and cartoons like Tom & Jerry. This time however, the mice and cats are getting far more prepared for battle… they’re getting fully clad in armor.