A Bizarre Floating Room in France

Leandro Erlich Monte-Meubles 9

It looked like a floating remnant from a massive hurricane or tornado, suspended frozen in the air above Nantes France. Its walls were torn apart, revealing bricks below the plaster, and wood floors relieved the joists inside. Last time we checked there were no massive winds in France… so what’s the story here, and why does this scene look surprisingly peaceful against the beautiful blue skies?

Spinning Southward: Biking From Alaska to Argentina

When he joined Spinning Southward and started the 10,000 mile ride south with his camera and laptop, filmmaker Nateon Allejo thought his problems would be finding clean water and fighting off banditos, not trying to figure out where to fix technology in Latin America. Yet that was pretty much what characterized most of his trip. The plan was to document, edit, and post short clips along the journey, but the constant shaking of equipment along the ride made that much more difficult than he could have predicted.

Argentinian Artist Illustrates Kafka

Welcome to the South American edition of Franz Kafka’s Un Artista del Trapecio (English title: First Sorrow), which displays a successful but lonely trapeze artist, created by a talented illustrator who is becoming a savvy illustrator. Christian Montenegro, an Argentina-born artist with a background in comic-production and graphic design, has imbued this publication with an appropriately theatrical quality: flat black backgrounds imply dark cavernous spaces from which our main character and his peers are suspended in brightly colored gradients with geometric formations. Montenegro’s use of stark straight lines evokes interesting and relevant qualities of imprisonment, measurement, and compartmentalization, but the result is a visual production as composed, pleasing, and harmonious as successfully-rehearsed choreography.

WTF? Posters Highlight The Unexpected

Argentina based design studio Minga, recently produced this series of superb minimalist posters, each featuring those not so small and very unexpected events in life. The simple posters don’t leave out too much… you can easily imagine the look on the featured characters face; and if you’re confused about the meaning of “WTF”… it’s apparently what you utter just before you die…

Formatbrain Imagines Crazy Characters

Marcos Zerene (aka Formatbrain) is an Argentinean born Graphic Designer specializing in digital, hand-drawn and street art illustration with a passion for character design. Born in Mendoza, he studied in the Faculty of Arts and Design of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. At the moment Marcos is living in Mendoza and running his new design studio Ailoviu.

Happy Pill