Atmospheric & Eerie Sculptures Built in Aquariums

Mariele Neudecker creates fantastic sculptures inside large water filled aquariums. Using an intriguing combination of materials, including chemicals to create eerie atmospheric effects, her “Tank Works” invite viewers to move closer and explore the world within.

Her sculptures take their inspiration from romantic paintings and photographs, using lighting to create life-like sunbeams and dense fog around sculptures of mountains, trees and even a model sailing ship. Like the real world, the chemistry-based atmosphere in the tank has a life of its own, slowly changing over time to create new environments.

Those Aren’t Mountains, It’s an Aquarium!

What look like foggy landscapes from alien planets, or maybe even the moody landscapes in some Rococo era painting, are actually carefully planned images of aquariums. Artist Kim Keever takes fishtanks and using plaster and other materials crafts landscapes within. He then fills the tanks with water, sets up lighting and photographs his aquatic set while adding in powders which form clouds and fog. The results are stunningly surreal… and sometimes even very realistic.