Fun App ‘Seene’ Covertly Primes You For The 3D Revolution

The current race to develop 3D technology is a little like the race to invent color television after an era of black and white. Our media is on the brink of coming full-circle, back into the third dimension after being trapped in a flat virtual world since 3D movies went out in the 60s. New 3D tech is being announced daily in the form of printers, scanners, TVs, glasses… what’s next? With every revolutionary innovation comes a beautifully pointless product (like Snapchat to temporary content). These trends can be ‘stupid’ on the surface but they can also function to assimilate foreign ideas into mainstream culture, paving the way for world changing tools. One such tool in the 3D tech world is a pointlessly-revolutionary app called Seene.

Tweet Tweet! Art Inspired by the Twitter Bird


Whether you’re among the 140 million avid tweeters, one of the 200 million people with Twitter accounts who hasn’t sent out a single tweet, or one of those without an account, you probably understand that this bird will not be flying South anytime soon. Since its launch in July 2006, Twitter has grown exponentially- at first it took nearly 3 years to reach the billionth tweet, and now that amount is exceeded every 2-3 days. Over one million accounts are added to Twitter every day, so it’s safe to say the Twitter bird is in fact the word. The Twitter bird has become so deeply embedded into pop culture that many artists have chosen to use it as their muse for paintings and illustrations. Here are some of the finest examples; click on the links to see more from each artist!

New, Easy to Use, 4-Dimensional Storytelling Tool

Meograph for Education landing page header

If you were ever one of those kids who buckled under pressure whenever you had to present something to the class no matter how prepared you were, then you will wish you had Meograph when you were in school. Meograph is a new app intended for journalists, students, teachers, and travelers to make four dimensional presentations. As the story is told, with voice recording capabilities, visuals like embedded youtube videos and pictures are presented simultaneously over GoogleEarth maps and a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Teachers all over the country are adding Meograph to their lesson plans and students are creating interesting, interactive presentations in half the time.

How to Spot an Instagram Junky

If a picture says a thousand words, than an Instagram photo says those words with old school flair. It’s hard to make an image look bad when it’s got that retro/sexy feel a Polaroid or Holga camera would snap… and now you get to share those images with your friends around the globe and keep track of what they’re doing with the flip of your thumb.

Ourcast: App Predicts Weather to the Minute

If you have a football game to play Saturday, it’s not too hard to find out what the forecast will look like… just head to one of the many popular weather sites or apps and you’ll see if it’s going to be a perfect day or a mud bath. But, what if that game was in 2 hours? That becomes far more challenging to predict, especially down to your specific location.

Enter Ourcast, a free app launching April 18th, which is designed to accurately predict rain and snow in real-time up to 2-hours in the future. Why just two hours? Instead of focusing on what is easy to find – predicting if it will rain today – the app helps you know if that game, run or wedding in 2 hours is going to require a rain jacket or if your kids should walk to school. It’s just the useful and timely information you need when going outside… and it’s provided by people in your own community.

Dream:ON – An App Designed to Control Your Dreams

Are you ready to start having incredibly different dreams? Are you ready to be part of a mass sleep experiment at the same time? Dream:ON, a new free app, aims to conduct the largest dream experiment ever, using an iPhone to guide your dreams just before you wake using imaginatively designed soundscapes. For anyone fond of adventures in their sleep, this app is seriously intriguing.

Polygonal Celebrities from your Ipad

Poly is a new geometric drawing app for the iPad by Seoul-based interaction designer Jean-Christophe Naour.
The program lets you import imagery and trace it geometrically while it averages color based on data within each triangular field. As you draw with points, your pictures turn into a geometric array of colors.

Visual News Van #4: Jennifer Peck – Banjo App

Social media apps are doing an amazing job keeping us connected with friends all over the world, but it’s not easy to keep track of every feed, and sometimes we end up missing the opportunity to meet up with a friend who’s just a skip, hop, or jump away. Banjo is an app for iPhone and Android that connects all of your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Gowalla, etc.) and only sends you notifications when a friend is nearby (in the mile radius you’ve selected).

Stamen’s New Web App Draws Watercolor Maps

Some people just see the world in a more colorful way… and this new web app from Stamen proves it. Working much like any other web based mapping system, users simply type in what town or city they want to see and swish… the page is populated with a beautifully rendered watercolor-like map. Towns appear awash in colorful blues, greens and reds that neatly bleed into their neighbors in gradient pools. Lines appear sometimes wide and sometimes narrow in the organic, rounded style of the wet art form.

Tiny People Relaxing With iPhones

People are always coming up with new ways to use their iPhones. Featured here are some very small folks relaxing with their favorite phones.

When he’s not designing websites or creating iPhone apps, J. D. Hancock likes to take photographs of “small scale” things like his enormous collection of action figures and toys. A recovering pack-rat, J.D. often takes pictures as he unpacks bits from his past.

Hanging out at the iPool