Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Go Green

Most films which depict the world after an apocalyptic battle or disaster look something like the scenes of a Mad Max flick – the Australian outback or the Nevada high desert. In other words, something appropriately bone-dry, fitting of a scorched wasteland created by nuclear war or an exploding volcano. Not so the digital artworks of Nick Pedersen. His images appear downright tranquil, flipping the whole notion of apocalypse on its head and creating an image of the potential future that makes the catalyst for the apocalypse looks something a lot like western civilization.

Sculpting Wastelands on Hanging Canvas

Gerry Judah’s paintings literally pop from the canvas, creating texturally rich apocalyptic landscapes on vertically hung plains. His architectural works are often painted stark white, giving them both a timeless appearance and one of utter devastation. While he has been working with this style, the world has continued to create situations of strife reflecting his message.