The Hubble Telescope Is 25—and Other Out of This World Art

It’s been 25 years since the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit, drastically changing the way we see the universe. This week marks a worldwide celebration of the Hubble’s work and legacy.

So, what is the Hubble?

Named after Edwin Hubble, who came up with the theory of the “expanding universe,” it’s the world’s most powerful telescope, orbiting 343 miles above Earth’s surface and collecting 120 gigabytes of data each week.

The telescope uses mirrors to capture and reflect light into 6 on-board science instruments, including cameras and spectrographs, which break light into colors for analysis. Because the telescope orbits above our atmosphere, it can take clearer pictures. (On Earth, light wavelengths are obstructed by the air pockets in our atmosphere, giving us less clear pictures.) Here, you can see the same picture taken from the ground and from the Hubble.

Happy 40th Birthday Cell Phone!

cellphone-anniversary- lead

On this date forty years ago the first cell phone call was made in New York City by Motorola’s Martin Cooper. To celebrate the 40th birthday of the cell phone, Column Five teamed up with Mashable to bring us the most important facts in a single timeline. What started as a 2.5 lb brick with a 20 minute battery life that only the richest people could afford is now something that the vast majority of first world citizens carry in their pockets.

Strings Are Stronger than Guns

Masoud Bwisri has become a star in Libya since the start of the revolution last year. As the protests turned into a fight for freedom, Bwisri marched on the front lines with his guitar side by side with machine guns and rocket launchers. A year after the start of this revolution, fears of what the future holds are in the forefront of public concern. Bwisri believes that the revolution has brought guns instead of peace as militias have not turned over their guns and in many cases have more control than the National Transition Council (NTC). “Music brings peace. Machine guns cannot bring peace. Strings, for me,” said Bwisri, “are stronger than guns.”

Visualized: 3400% Growth at Foursquare

Foursquare made the announcement this week that they exploded by 3,400% over the last year. That gigantic number means they made the leap from 175,000 to more that 6 million global users! To illustrate where these users are and what they’re using the mobile check-in site for, foursquare created an infographic to celebrate their massive year of growth.