Artist Uses Toasted Bread As a Canvas for His Anime Drawings

1 Toast Art by Hittomii

Move over latte art! Japanese toast art may just be the next big thing. A Japanese artist by the name of Hittomii uses lightly toasted bread as a canvas to make these adorable anime illustrations. He first “painted” on cookies, but has moved from dessert to breakfast with these new creations. He shows us that playing with your food is a good thing!

Visual Bits #461 > In Need Of Comic Relief: Illustrations

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Pencil Head: Beautifully Animated Mayhem

It’s difficult to describe the wild, manic trip taken in this animation by Qwaqa. With a smattering of pop cultural references and a strong anime vision, the film whisks you through captivating scene after scene, creatively transitioning to the next and keeping you guessing where it’s all headed. Giving the film its musical rhythm is Fat Boy Slim’s now classic, Right Here, Right Now

Epic Warring Robots from the Future

Freelance Japanese artist Naochika Morishita (森下 直親/ もりした なおちか) uses delicate brush strokes to paint bleak futures of warring mech robots. His book of collected works, Hagane Bito, is filled with epic battle scenes of anime mechs in locations from outer space to the Jurassic period. Here is a small sample of his large collection. Prepare for battle!