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Moments After This Animator Shared His Beautiful Video, His Girlfriend Said “YES!”

Friday 07.25.2014 , Posted by

When Adam Rosenbaum decided to pop the question, he chose a format that is very close to our hearts. He created the charming animation below, sprinkled with important moments from he and his (now) fiance’s life together. We caught up with him to learn what went in to the very special moment. [Read more...]


A Mesmerizing Stop-Motion Video Made by Sanding Through Objects a Half Millimeter at a Time

Wednesday 07.09.2014 , Posted by
Laurin Dopfner Sanding Objects 1

There are hidden spaces inside the objects that surround us, and it only takes a industrial sanding machine to reveal them. That’s the work that artist Laurin Döpfner has done with the video Verschleif, removing just a half millimeter of each object with a pass from the sander, and photographing each layer to create a seriously mesmerizing stop-motion video. [Read more...]


Get Lost in Endlessly Repeating GIFs Based on Mesmerizing Math

Tuesday 06.24.2014 , Posted by

There’s mesmerizing art hidden in math and physics, and Dublin-based physics student David Whyte is revealing it for us. His Tumblr site Bees & Bombs is chock full of creations that will delight you with their cleverly looping geometry in motion. [Read more...]


Magic and Madness from Past World Cups, Animated in Five-Second Videos

Thursday 06.12.2014 , Posted by
Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 10.18.36 AM

It has begun in Brazil. The first kick of World Cup 2014 has been made and the first win is already on the books. Now the world enthusiastically waits for those choice moments that make this game so good. FIVES is a collection of films made by a wide range of world creatives, each featuring a memory from past World Cups reinterpreted in just five seconds. For anyone who saw the original game, these retellings really hit home. [Read more...]


Remixing Famous Architecture in Animated GIFs

Monday 06.02.2014 , Posted by

Taking architecture into the 4th dimension, Axel de Stampa has created animated GIFs featuring some of the world’s most famous contemporary buildings. It’s a playful and mind bending experiment in architectural remixing. [Read more...]


A Hilarious Stop-Motion Animation Inserts Cartoons Into Real Life

Tuesday 05.27.2014 , Posted by
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 5.02.41 PM

When we covered storyboard artist Hombre McSteez (aka Marty Cooper) a bit ago, we had no idea he’d go on to do something even more awesome. He’s been doodling on transparencies with permanent marker and white out, then inserting his wacky characters into the real world. The results, and especially the way they interact with the real world environment, are hilariously bizarre. Now he’s brought his doodles to life. [Read more...]


These Animated Paper Dioramas Are A Cut Above The Rest

Tuesday 05.20.2014 , Posted by

In their intricate scenes, artist duo Davy and Kristin McGuire take the diorama way beyond the confines of the elementary school classroom. The artists layer lighting, animation, sound, and digital projection mapping on paper installations, combining papercrafting, sculpture, set design, theatre, and storytelling to bring an eerie miniature world to life.  [Read more...]


Unhappily Ever After: Disney Characters in the “Real” Not-So-Whimsical World

Tuesday 05.06.2014 , Posted by
Unhappily Ever After Jeff Hong 1

Storyboard artist Jeff Hong is a big fan of Disney animation, but you might not think it from his irreverent Tumblr blog Unhappily Ever After. Here you’ll find a decidedly less whimsical, real-world reimagining of the films – everything from Simba locked up in a zoo, to Mulan surviving the choking smog of Beijing. It’s a bit shocking, it’s on the borderline of PC, and it’s definitely thought provoking. Disney lovers, you’ve been warned. [Read more...]


Each Frame of This Stop-Motion Animation Was Made with a 3D Printer

Sunday 04.13.2014 , Posted by

With highly accurate 3D animation the standard in today’s world, it’s refreshing to see someone taking animation back to its origins when every frame was hand made… even if they did use highly modern technology. The creative folks at DBLG recently finished up an in-house project that sees an animated bear walking up a never ending flight of stairs, and each frame in this animation is individually 3D printed! [Read more...]



Sunday 03.30.2014 , Posted by
Annelie Soils

Based in Trinidad, Annelie Solis expresses her truth on the canvas. Painting spiritual visions of awakening and awareness this young artist is wise beyond her years. She paints from her heart- the visions that come to her when her mind is most clear. A visionary painter, Solis’ works share a common theme of opening our third eyes and perceive more than the sensory world. In the video below, she created a paint animation of evolving to open all 7 chakras. [Read more...]

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