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Laurene Boglio’s Quirky Drawings Dance into Motion

Wednesday 08.07.2013 , Posted by


What’s better than animated GIFs of jumping people in bunny costumes, dancing women in swimming caps or a fellow hawking iPads from below his trench coat? Not much. These illustrations from French graphic designer Laurene Boglio are so cool they’re starting to make us jealous… at least of her seriously refined style. [Read more...]


Beer Labels Jump into Motion

Friday 07.26.2013 , Posted by

Beer Labels in Motion 9

Unless you’ve hit the end of your last 6-pack, the labels on your beer bottles probably don’t do too much moving… but you don’t have to drink at all to appreciate the labels reworked by Trevor Carmick. This Boston-based video editor/graphic artist has been working on a personal side project called Beer Labels in Motion, creating animated GIF logos based on some of his favorite american craft-brews. [Read more...]


Life Repeats Itself: A Funny, Looping GIF Per Week

Friday 05.17.2013 , Posted by

Bisous les Compains looping animations 1

In each of these clever animations a stick figures takes center stage, humorously acting out a looping scene in a colorful cartoonish world. Whether the figure is floating away under balloons or falling off a church roof, he never quite learns his lesson. Where does each animation begin or end? It’s hard to say… and that’s what makes each example so addictive and watchable. [Read more...]


Abstract in Motion: Mind Bending Gif Animations

Wednesday 02.06.2013 , Posted by

Paolo Čerić Warped Gifs 12

These gif animations by Zagreb based Paolo Čerić are just sexy. He combines a triple threat of techniques – Processing, Cinema 4D and After Effects – to create everything from geometry in motion to glitch art. Currently studying information processing at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia, he tells Christopher Jobson at This Is Colossal that he only started experimenting with animation 2 years ago. How far he’s come. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #372> My Heart Thumps For Illustrations

Monday 02.04.2013 , Posted by

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[Read more...]


Rebecca Mock: Illustrations in Motion

Saturday 01.12.2013 , Posted by

Rebecca Mock Animated Illustrations 1

There’s something quietly contemplative about the works of Brooklyn-based illustrator Rebecca Mock. In the romantic animated image we see above, we are almost transported to the room, the level of realism – however cartoonish – easily gives us the imagined sound of ceiling fans in summer. Many of her illustrations have the clean, colorful style of the now classic Japanese animations from Studio Ghibli… it’s a place we definitely want to visit. [Read more...]


More Cinemagraphs from Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck

Sunday 12.23.2012 , Posted by


We covered some of Kevin Burg & Jamie Becks cinemagraphs last year and loved them so much we thought we should bring you some more. While cinemagraphs themselves have been around for a while, Kevin & Jamie create unique animated GIFs which raise the bar on what has come before. These recent examples display a love for autumn scenery and vintage style. [Read more...]


Here’s a Few Early Christmas Gifs!

Friday 12.07.2012 , Posted by

It’s that time of year when everyone, and we mean everyone, starts making christmas themed art. From the cute to the bizarre, you just can’t get away from it, so we’re embracing this inevitable happenstance and bringing you a gift of 11 fun gifs from the supppperbly titled site, Christmas Gifs (punny!). [Read more...]


Animated Victorians: Anatomy from 111 Years Ago

Monday 12.03.2012 , Posted by

It’s now time to take an animated look inside the human body – as seen in 1901. These fantastic anatomical animations were recently created by Maria Popova at one of our favorite sites, the very smart Brain Pickings. The images, illustrated by E. J. Stanley, are unique in that they are made up of three pages which flap-up; each turn revealing another layer of the human body, from bones and muscles, to brains and organs. [Read more...]


High Fashion Illustrations Get Animated

Friday 11.30.2012 , Posted by

Tara Dougans sees “fashion as play, illustration as flexible and digital as opportunity.” These philosophies become quickly apparent in her recent series of illustrations which feature interpretations of high fashion work from clothiers as diverse as Thom Browne and Prada. Putting emphasis on the “opportunity” of digital, she’s created GIF animations of her large scale work specifically for the computer based world. [Read more...]

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