Are They Breathing? Hyper-Realistic Sculptures of Warhol, Lincoln and Dali

Kyoto-based artist Kazuhiro Tsuji has been shocking people with his incredibly lifelike sculptures of famous people. His perfect bust of Abraham Lincoln looks so real you’d swear he traveled back to 1865 to capture a color photograph. The same goes for his likenesses of art legends Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. While these sculptures may be new to you, you’ve probably seen Tsuji’s work before. He spent most of his career as a highly successful makeup artist in the film industry.

Remember Those Artists Who Were Connecting With Andy Warhol’s Spirit? Here’s What Happened.


In October we told you about a project to bring back the spirit of Andy Warhol at an exceptionally unique NYC nightlife experience. Well, it happened, and it was as bizarre and avant-garde as we’d hoped. Andy Warhol would be pleased.

These Artists are Bringing Andy Warhol Back for a One-of-a-Kind Live Collaboration

Only icons stand the test of time, and this is one of them. 28 years ago, Andy Warhol collaborated with Absolut to create its Absolut Warhol painting. Now on October 1, Absolut will try to connect with him once again.

How Creatives Work: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an extremely complex figure, with a lot depth in his work and personality – despite his own assertion that all that he was, was on the surface. The creation of the persona and brand ‘Andy Warhol’ was probably his most successful work of art, at least commercially. It is hard to know how much of this was real and how much was constructed. What we can gather about Warhol was that he was an incredibly hard worker and was (at least during his first decade of production) redefining what was possible in a number of different artistic modes.

Visual Bits #318>Faces & Places: Stunning Photography

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Putting a New Face on the Masterpieces

If Vincent Van Gogh where alive today, we think he would be proud to see his Starry Night on the face of Andy Alcala. The young artist has been painting representations of famous masterworks from his torso up for a while now and shows no sign of stopping. Can you imagine the patience required to paint these backwards in a mirror on your own face? Check out his flickr sets for more.

When Artists Meet Automobiles: BMW Art Cars

In 1975 Hervé Poulain, French racing driver and auctioneer, had a dream to combine his two loves: driving and art. He hit upon the solution when he asked his friend and well known artist Alexander Calder to paint his BMW 3.0 CSL with a custom scheme for the 1975 Le Mans. After the tremendous response to this rolling piece of art, BMW established their now frequently updated Art Car Collection.