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Google’s “Lens Blur” Brings an SLRs Abilities to Your Phone’s Small Camera

Thursday 04.17.2014 , Posted by
Google Lens Blur 1

Google rolled out a big new update to their Camera app for Android yesterday, and it’s going to make your pictures way, way better. What’s so snappy? They’ve added a brilliant feature that makes your phone’s camera act really, really big. It’s called “Lens Blur.” [Read more…]


Holidays are Covered: App Creates & Mails Your Cards

Thursday 10.27.2011 , Posted by

For all you good people that keep in contact with friends during the holidays, here’s a soon to be released app that could revolutionize your card sending frenzy. Sincerely Ink lets you not only create cards directly on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, but also mail them directly from your contacts. There are over 30 different designs and your messages are guaranteed to arrive or your money back. The current price for each sent card is just $1.69, which when you consider how much time your saving, the fact that it’s a custom card and the cost of postage, is quite a deal. See for more info and to be first to know when the app is released [Read more…]