Ancient/Modern: 48 Massive Global Art Installations

You don’t find much larger artwork than that of Andrew Rogers… actually you just don’t. His stone based pieces are huge in scope, so large in fact that they are easily seen on Google Maps. You can’t say that about the Mona Lisa.

Sword Swinging: Video From The Edge

What does it look like from the end of a swinging sword? The participants at Swordfish 2010 were curious and hit upon a crazy idea: duct-taping their GoPro Hero camera to the tip of a sword and swinging like mad. The bold colors of the fighting mat in the room, combined with some appropriate music and a wide angle lense make this video really pop.

Swordfish is an annual celebration of European martial arts, a place for lovers of swords and sword play. It is held each year in Gothenburg, Sweden, and features instruction, classes, and competition using a selection of ancient European weaponry. To get in on the fun, check out

The Amazingly Deep Well of Chand Baori

Built in the 10th century, the incredibly deep well of Chand Baori, India was a practical solution to the limited water in the area. In order for the water source to last for the entire year, the people of the area were forced to dig 98 feet down. The well has 13 floors and 3,500 steps. Local legends say ghosts built it in one night and that it has so many steps so that anyone who throws a coin into the well will be unable to retrieve it.