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Flora, Fauna and the Human Body: Stunning Collages are an Anatomical Vision of Nature

Monday 03.17.2014 , Posted by
Travis Bedal Anatomical Paper Collages 7

Taking the forms of nature found in vintage anatomical textbooks and science guides, collage artist Travis Bedal creates beautiful amalgamations of anatomy, botany and biology. His work is a celebration of the repeating, almost rhythmic forms of nature – here a spiral, there a fold – all created with the various parts of our human body and the flora and fauna that surrounds us. [Read more…]


Nychos: Pulling the world apart, one animal at a time

Monday 08.19.2013 , Posted by

Nychos animal art 4

The street artist going by the name of Nychos didn’t have what we’d call a ‘normal’ upbringing. He was born into an Austrian hunting family in South Africa and spent much of his childhood seeing things which many ‘normal’ people would consider cruel or even brutal. For Nychos though, it was a fascinating world. At seven he was bitten by a boar while he was playing in the forest close to home. Just a little while later he had boar meat for lunch. In another instance he saw a dead baby lamb being consumed by maggots the same color as its fur. Instead of being horrified, he was fascinated. He studied the hidden insides of animals and noticed the way life often grows from other life. At the same time he was also a child of the 80s, growing up watching cartoons and being influenced by their flashy bright colors. [Read more…]


Anatomical Stacking Sculpture Classics

Tuesday 02.26.2013 , Posted by


You know the anatomical models every doctor seems to have on their side table? That model of the inner ear canal or the pregnant mother’s womb complete with unborn baby, for example? If you’ve ever played around with one, you’ll realize that it’s made of heavy resin pieces stacked together like a human puzzle. These new artworks by the famous Chinese artist Cao Hui are a lot like those models… just imagine your doctor was a classic sculpture fanatic too. [Read more…]


Skeletal Creatures Carved From Everyday Objects

Wednesday 01.30.2013 , Posted by

1 Maskull Lasserre

What once were doors, rolling pins, coat hangers, and picture frames are now the skeletal remains of vertebrates. Montreal-based artist Maskull Lasserre brings these objects to life- or perhaps death. By carefully carving into the wooden surfaces that we commonly overlook in our everyday environments, Lasserre reveals a deeper world inside. For the month of December until January 19, 2013, his woodworkings were exhibited as a set called Fable in Toronto’s Centre Space gallery. Click on the link to read his philosophical artist statement for Fable and stay tuned after the jump to watch his interview. [Read more…]


Animated Victorians: Anatomy from 111 Years Ago

Monday 12.03.2012 , Posted by

It’s now time to take an animated look inside the human body – as seen in 1901. These fantastic anatomical animations were recently created by Maria Popova at one of our favorite sites, the very smart Brain Pickings. The images, illustrated by E. J. Stanley, are unique in that they are made up of three pages which flap-up; each turn revealing another layer of the human body, from bones and muscles, to brains and organs. [Read more…]


Visual Bits #308 >Deconstruct & Rebuild: Mixed Media

Wednesday 11.07.2012 , Posted by

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[Read more…]


Anatomical Guides to American Monsters

Wednesday 09.05.2012 , Posted by

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dissect a monster? Minneapolis-based animator, illustrator, and comic book artist Brad McGinty gives his insight on what it might be like in this clever series of anatomical guides to your favorite monsters. Each guide to monster guts looks like Japanese toy instructions so that with the proper organs you could build your own! The Mogwai guide comes complete with care instructions for preventing Gremlin transformation.
[Read more…]


Anatomical Quilling: Paper Cross Sections of the Body

Wednesday 02.01.2012 , Posted by

Artistic renderings of the internal body, from anatomy books to fine art, are often poorly communicated versions of real-life. These paper creations by Lisa Nilsson, however, create the perfect balance of aesthetically pleasing detail and scientific accuracy… even though they’re completely made with strips of paper. Created using the paper-crafting technique of quilling, originally used by Renaissance monks and nuns to make artistic use of the worn out gilded edges of Bibles, Nilsson has curled and twirled some remarkably detailed and tiny pieces. [Read more…]


A Fuzzy World of Teddy Bear Anatomy

Monday 01.30.2012 , Posted by

Just what hides below the fuzzy skin of our beloved teddy bears? Is it just as soft and cuddly as their outsides, something more sinister or maybe something more realistic? Felt sculptor Stephanie Metz has gone a long way towards showing us the answer with her Teddy Bear Natural History, creating fuzzy and entertainingly lifelike examples of the toys innards. I’ve never been there, but is this how all Build-a-Bears start out? [Read more…]


The Anatomy of a Factory Farmed Turkey

Wednesday 11.23.2011 , Posted by

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! It’s the time of year in the US when waistlines widen, the kitchen smells it’s best and there’s only one thing that has to be on the table… a great big turkey! Over 240 million of the birds were raised in the US last year alone… and that kind of demand has led to some major changes in the way that the birds are raised. This graphic looks at some of the more strange things that go into a factory farmed bird… after reading it, that free-range, organic turkey at the market might look like a good option. [Read more…]

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