This is the Most Expensive Piece of Art on Right Now (Spoiler = $4.85 Million)


Leave it to Norman Rockwell’s 1941 oil painting Package from Home to hold the top spot on Amazon and be accompanied with a $4,850,000 price tag.

The Rockwell painting features his iconic Willie Gillis character, a fictional young private in World War II. Package from Home was one of just 11 covers that made it on the Saturday Evening Post back in 1941.

A Sneak Peak Behind Amazon’s Warehouse Doors

As you sit at your computer to do your one click shopping on, the one stop shop for everything from clothes, to books, to food, to electronics, and everything in between, did you ever stop to wonder what happens in between that final checkout click and the package arriving on your front door step? These pictures offer an inside peak at a some of the 80 fulfillment warehouses that keep the largest online retailer moving forward. Amazingly no robots are involved in the location of merchandise, just regular human beings armed with handy barcode scanners.

Technofaces: Portraits of Technology’s Most Famous

In this technological age, the logos for the top internet and social media sites have become as recognizable as the McDonald’s golden arches. Graphic Designer Alejo Malia has created a line of illustrations that feature each of technology’s big boys in a caricature of their product. Which one is your favorite? Check out more of Malia’s designs on his website.

Flooding the Amazon for Ineffecient Energy

The jaguar in position in the Xingu river at the site of the Belo Monte dam

With a world full of over 7 billion people, many governments have trended toward desperate fixes to keep up with the increased needs of their people. Unfortunately the worlds ever increasing appetite for energy often comes at the cost of nature. In Brazil, yet another large scale energy project has been launched, the Belo Monte dam. It is planned to be the world’s third largest in installed capacity.  However, it will only produce 39% of its maximum capacity, so the majority of its effect on the environment will not even produce energy.  David de Rothschild, the adventurer behind the well-known Plastiki project, has started a new organization named MYOO to address environmental irresponsibility just like this

What has Edward Norton Been Doing?

We all know Edward Norton for his roles in blockbuster Hollywood films, but in the last couple of years he’s largely been missing from the big screen. So where has he been hiding? 2011 was declared by the UN as the International Year of Forests.  It was launched with a film festival in February in partnership with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and has been inspiring many more interesting spin offs. It’s here that Norton has been putting his passions, fighting for the future of one of the worlds most important resources.

Uncontacted Tribes in the Amazon

Showing the first-ever aerial footage of an uncontacted indigenous community, Survival, a tribal advocacy group has recently released moving images shot for the BBC’s show “Human Planet.” Living in the lush Peruvian rain forest, this remotely located people continue to live as did our ancestors from thousands of years past, sustaining themselves on a diet of mangoes, cultivated rain forest plants and dwelling in shelters made of palm fronds.

Now the Indians’ survival is in jeopardy. An influx of illegal loggers continue to wash over the border from Brazil and as these two people groups meet, the fear is that the loggers will not shoot images, but guns.

WikiLeaks Now Hosted in a “James Bond” Bunker

After being booted from his first two data-centers, PRG and last Wednesday Amazon, controversial WikiLinks founder Julian Assange is going for something a little more secure… a bunker inside a Swedish Mountain that’s being discribed as something out of a “James Bond” movie.

The host, a company called Bahnhof, is hosting WikiLeaks from a literal cave inside White Mountain close to Stockholm, Sweden, according to an article by Considering the immense political pressure the previous hosts have experienced, it’s surprising that Bahnhof is willing to take on WikiLeaks and be put under constant attack for the probable future. But maybe that’s because Bahnhof was founded by Oscar Swartz, a member of the Pirate Party and open campaigner for freedom and integrity on the internet.