Liquid Solids: Mindbending Ceramic & Stainless Steel Masterpieces Sculpted by Hand

1 Johnson Tsang buddha

It’s hard to say what is most impressive about Johnson Tsang’s sculptures. The sheer technical skills involved in creating such realistic details, the amazing fluid continuity between the parts, the way solids are made to look like flowing liquids, or the powerful messages behind some of them? In this first compelling sculpture, we see a gun melting and, as the liquid pools below, it begins to form the face of Buddha, suggesting that the power is in our hands to end violence, which will lead to peace on Earth. Human faces are common in Tsang’s works appearing in flower petals and ceramic splashes flowing from tea cups. Each piece looks remarkably fragile, yet is sculpted so perfectly that it stands strong.

Mind Control is Now a Reality: UW Researcher Controls Friend Via an Internet Connection

brain control

Okay… as soon as I wrote the title above I thought: “this sounds just like something from the cover of a doomsday supermarket tabloid.” But the thing is, it’s absolutely true. Here’s a rundown of the amazing thing that has happened: Rajesh Rao, a University of Washington professor of computer science and engineering, looked at a computer screen and played a simple video game with his mind. The game required him to fire a cannon at a target, but to do so he had to imagine moving his right hand to hit the fire button. To do all this he wore a fairly amusing cap covered with blue rings that read his brainwaves. Now here’s the amazing part.

Visual Bits #388> Innovative Creations Come To Life

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Amazing Shortlist for Sony Photography Awards


The shortlist is in for the 2012 Sony Photography awards. There were 122,000 entries submitted to the World Photography Organization from photographers in 170 countries. Since the deadline on January 4th, it was just over a month until the shortlist was revealed. With subjects such as travel, nature and wildlife, sport and current affairs, the competition is one of the most prestigious in the world.

The Next Monet in the making? A 9 Year Old Painter

Kieron Williamson is a child prodigy whose artwork has already generated over $350,000 in sales. He paints like a young master and is only 9 years old. Kieron loved sports and playing games in his earliest years as a child, but when he was on holiday with his parents in Cornwall, he was inspired by the boats nearby and wanted to draw them. Kindly asking for a sketchpad, his parents bought him one and the then 5 year old Kieron began his art journey. While the first few drawings were just typical child like drawings, Kieron quickly developed his style and by age 6 was already displaying artwork in galleries.