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They’re Watching You: Grey Alien Portraits Come Alive

Tuesday 05.07.2013 , Posted by

Vladimir- 1

Are we alone in this universe? It’s highly unlikely and over 50% of the people who report alien encounters describe these same oval-headed, big-eyed, child-size greys. Coincidence or psychological tricks, it’s fun to imagine what aliens look like. Serbian illustrator and graphic designer Vladimir Stankovic took his hypotheses a step further by animating life into the eyes of his series of portraits of The Greys. As cute as they are, I’m not sure how I would feel if I woke up with one standing over me. [Read more...]


Extra Terrestrial Nickels Are Out of this World

Tuesday 08.07.2012 , Posted by

Did you ever wonder what our currency might look like if aliens invaded our planet and for some strange reason decided to integrate into our culture rather than destroying us all? This selection of extra terrestrial coins includes some of the most intriguing hobo nickels on Earth. If you’re not familiar, hobo nickels are any coin-not just nickels- of which the original carvings have been altered. [Read more...]


Aliens Among Us

Wednesday 02.08.2012 , Posted by

Since the beginning of civilization, people have looked out to the sky wondering if there could be anything else like us out there. Scientists, novelists, and filmmakers have hypothesized what these creatures might look like and now artist Francisco Sambo presents his interpretation in his Aliens Collection. [Read more...]


Visual Bits #49 > Farewell Sweet Prince

Friday 04.29.2011 , Posted by

Steve Carell has left The Office. Console yourself with daily links after the jump!
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