Real 3D Room Transformed Into 2D Painting: Playful New Work By Alexa Meade

We have loved sharing Alexa Meade’s stunning cardboard rooms, her collaboration with Sheila Vand featuring body paintings in a pool of milk, and her work with Mini Cooper. Now we bring you her latest painting. Meade transformed a brick room with wooden floors, chairs, and mirrors, along with some people into a 2d scene for playful scenes. Meade loves putting her paintbrushes on anything but canvas!

Painted Wheels: Alexa Meade Creates a Real-Life Painting on a Mini… and People

Alexa Meade Mini 1

The alluring Alexa Meade has a serious talent for transforming the real world into a painting, and her latest work sees her doing just that with an entire car in Shibuya, Tokyo. The project, part of a campaign with Mini, sees Meade painting the iconic car in her signature brightly hued style in the studio, then rolling it out on the street for gawking pedestrians to enjoy. She finishes the project by painting volunteers off the street, giving them a paint covered 15 Minutes of Fame (hey, didn’t Andy Warhol paint a car??).

Alexa Meade: Body Painting in a Pool of Milk

Milk Alexa Meade Sheila Vand 1

Don’t be deceived, these aren’t simply paintings, but something far more realistic than they appear at first glance. True to her signature style of creating bold paintings on top of live models, Alexa Meade has made a series of painting/body art/photographs in collaboration with Sheila Vand. This time, instead of seeing Meade’s model placed before a painted scene or wandering the real world, she’s used a pool of opaque white milk as her backdrop. The results are beautiful and, as usual, fascinating to decipher.

Visual Bits #325> New Imaginative Photography

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