Crossover: Budweiser Is Owning It.

Last week I wrote about the Whatever USA campaign from Bud Light in a roundup of great projects at various budgets. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a bit absurd and the typical big brand, big budget waste of money. Many big campaigns are, but when I started researching the campaign for my article, I realized just how smart Budweiser’s whole range of current campaigns are.

Instead of trying to reinvent themselves like many aging brands do, Bud Light has just decided to own it. From their #upforwhatever campaign, promoting the idea that Bud Light is good for any occasion, to the #WhateverUSA town takeovers, they are taking the idea of an everyman’s beer seriously.

Who is Most Likely to Die of Alcohol Poisoning? Middle-Aged People

For many people, the term binge drinking conjures up visions of wild frat parties filled with poor youthful decisions. But if you look at what age group is most at risk from alcohol poisoning, the majority of deaths are actually happening to middle aged people between 45 and 54 – a staggering 34% of total alcohol poisoning deaths.

Somabar: A Robotic Countertop Bartender That Mixes Cocktails As Directed By Your Smartphone

How badly do you want this at your New Year’s party? Somabar is a robotic cocktail mixing appliance that connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and precisely mixes drinks on your kitchen counter – and it does it in under 5 seconds. Forget cocktail shakers and careful measuring to produce the perfect drink, this libation delivering servant does it right, every time.

Which State Drinks the Most Wine? Animation Shows It’s Just Getting More Popular

Over the past 20 years wine consumption has steadily grown in the US. Following a major slump in 1993, the classic beverage has seen a steady climb to new levels of appreciation today. But which state loves wine the most?

An Unusual Poison: Hendrick’s Gins New Quinetum


Hendick’s Gin is an alcohol unlike any other. It was created by Quaker City Mercantile as a work for hire for William Grant & Sons in 1998, and it’s hard to imagine a time when people went on picnics without the option of being able to make a Gin & Tonic. Just writing this sentence is causing my mouth to salivate. I sit here, daydreaming of a time where I’m out at a park on a warm summer day, the sun on my face, a light breeze through the trees, a hard salami & mustard sandwich in hand; and I’m mixing a Gin & Tonic for the lovely woman sharing the blanket with me. Pour yourself a gin & tonic, and check out how they came about this unusual poison: Hendrick’s Gins new Quinetum.

Cheers to that: Game of Thrones is Back!


Fire-breathing dragons, familial backstabbing, and plenty of expository sex. Game of Thrones returned to HBO this past Sunday, March 31st, and season three of the epic fantasy show promises more blood, guts and sword-wielding glory as the seven noble families of Westeros each vie to be the rulers of all.

What makes this heady cocktail of drama so addictive? For one, there’s intrigue, adventure and magic! From incestuous power plays to dragon smuggling to the fate of one family in the hands of a bastard son, the show takes scandal to new snowy heights. For another, the intricately woven plot lines, the meticulous characterizations and the lavish production value are so well executed that all this far-fetched madness makes so much delicious sense.  

The Extraterrestrial World of Whiskey Art


 American photographer Ernie Button has a unique way of looking at the dishes. One night when he was putting the dishes into the dishwasher, he noticed there was a film on the bottom of a whiskey glass that caused, “fine, lacy lines” to cover it with intricate detail. These lines also created a vast array of different extraterrestrial landscapes. Each with its own cosmic makeup. This discovery led him to start a unique project entitled Vanishing Spirits, which entails Ernie drinking different types of whiskey, and then photographing the bottom of the glass once the whiskey has evaporated – to create the extraterrestrial world of whiskey art.

The Enlightened Happy Hour: An Interactive Drink Guide

As more restaurants make their nutrition information available, patrons are becoming all too aware of the shocking calorie counts behind some of their favorite menu items. Gut-busting appetizers like Chili’s Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip with Chips (1,520 calories), Cheesecake Factory’s Factory Nachos with Spicy Chicken (1,930 calories), or Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion (1,959 calories) are dangerously delicious.

Visual Bits #189> Vintage Fun

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How Engineers Make Drinks: Mixing Blueprint

How do engineers mix their drinks? Very precisely and using a blueprint, it seems. Our friends over at, dug up this vintage poster featuring over 30 classic drinks such as the Zombie, Gin Fizz & White Russian. According to the data on the poster itself, it seems to have been originally “issued for mass consumption” on May, 1, 1978. Ready to get mixing? A full sized pdf of the poster is available here.