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Where could it be? Tracking Vintage Album Art in NYC

Tuesday 05.29.2012 , Posted by

While strolling, or should I say hustling- to avoid tourist-hating glares and eye rolls, through the most populated city in the United States, I would always wonder how many amazing people had walked the very same sidewalks as me. In the city where celebrity sightings are as common as taxi drivers cutting people off, it would be difficult to find a street in Manhattan that doesn’t have some secret claim to fame. The birthplace of some of the greatest music of all time, New York City is where many artists got their starts in all different genres of music from jazz to punk rock and everything in between and also the place many of them chose for their album art photos. Real Estate Agent by day, Bob Egan spends his free time as an album art detective, hunting down settings of some of his favorite records for [Read more...]


The Sound of Awkward: Album Covers of Regret

Monday 01.24.2011 , Posted by

Just because you have musical talent does not mean that you are talented in all creative pursuits. These 21 album covers would make even the most loving mother embarrassed to buy their kids music.

Tirelessly digging through the wastelands of tastless album art, our friends over at Regrettable Music are daily unearthing gems such as the unlikely treasures that we share with you here. Collect the whole set at
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The Shadow Filled World of Daniel Danger

Friday 12.10.2010 , Posted by

With a taste for the macabre and as if channeling a more colorful version of the deceased Edward Gorey, Daniel Danger illustrates dark dreamy moonlit nights. A screen printer from New England, Danger’s art has been used by many notable bands such as Modest Mouse, The Decemberists, The Pogues, Built to Spill, Fall Out Boy, Silver Jews, and Nada Surf. [Read more...]