Pigment Isn’t Everything: 12 Adorable Albino Animals

1 Albino Hedgehog

Though it’s difficult to survive in the wild without the natural colors that camouflage an animal from its predators, albinism can occur in almost every known species. The word Albinism comes from the Latin word ‘albus’ which means white. An organism with this congenital disorder has a defect or absence in the enzyme tyrosinase, which leaves them unable to produce melanin- the pigment responsible for hair, skin, and eye color. An albino animal or human tends to have eyes that appear red because there is no color to hide the red blood cells in the retinal blood vessels.

Meet the World’s Biggest Albino Family

Being born albino is a difficult fate for anyone, with the side effects of increased sensitivity to light and poor vision that go hand in hand with the condition, but for this Indian family of 10, the prejudice has been the hardest part. In Southern India, the Pullan family faced much hardship and prejudice, so they moved to the more diverse and accepting city of Delhi, where they are often mistaken for foreigners and called “angrez” which means English. In spite of the adversity they’ve faced, Mother Mani Pullan considers their condition “a gift from God.” The family of 10 albinos will soon be replacing a Canadian-American family of 6 for the title of “World’s Biggest Albino Family” in the record books.