The “Dr. Seuss House” Towers Over the Alaskan Forest

The locals call it the “Dr. Seuss House”. Far out in the wilds of Alaska, near the town of Willow, stands a tall building in the middle of the forest. It looks like it could have come from a fantasy novel or perhaps the pages of a book by the legendary Theodor Geisel, but the original builder isn’t around to tell the story.

Foxes Hidden in the Fine Print

The images you see here were made by 19 year old Jade Phillips, an Alaskan artist who has combined two highly nostalgic and beautiful things: foxes and the printed page. She creates her works on the pages of Russian literature and newsprint, using sharpies and Prismacolor pens to mark-up the text into linear based shapes of the northern animal.

Pat Perry’s Surreal Exploration of Alaska

“The following images and artwork were created while working with the National Parks Service on a residency in Katmai National Park in Alaska.” So begins Pat Perry’s impressive multimedia series Alaska, an arrestingly beautiful yet quietly introspective work from the frequently traveling Michigan based artist and illustrator. His work is one which seems like it could only be created in the far northern reaches of the world, and surrounded by wilderness.

Time Travel with Digital Photos


Roads run through places in the USA forgotten by time, roads which meander through places that seem like they have not been updated in decades, if not centuries. Sometimes the nostalgic look is on purpose, to capture traditions of the past; other times the run-down look is simply because the places have been left alone by progress. The wonders of digital photography allow us to manipulate photos in many ways, but in the last handful of years that ability has allowed us to transport the images back in time.

Extreme Helicopter Filming & First Decent of Bell Ringer

The steep mountain slopes are beginning their yearly call to all adventurers. This crazy video captures the first decent of Bell Ringer near Haines, Alaska, where the only way to the top is by helicopter and the “landing pad” isn’t even big enough to land: they stick a partial skid into the mountain top while skiers Reggie Crist and Chris Coulter deftly jump onto the minuscule peak. This video gives us a look at the awesome skill needed to access, ski and film these amazing exploits

Tundra fires may speed climate change

After a 10,000-year absence, wildfires have returned to the Arctic tundra, and new findings raise concerns the fires could accelerate the release of carbon into the atmosphere. Scientists quantified the amount of soil-bound carbon released into the atmosphere in the 2007 Anaktuvuk River fire, which covered more than 400 square miles on the North Slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range.