Check Out This Hellish New Airline Seating Layout

Flying economy can be miserable. Luggage searches, bad food, the odd crying baby and absolutely no leg or shoulder room. Now Wired just found that a French company has patented a seating configuration which promises to make it even worse. Their concept places the middle passenger–already the worst seat–facing backwards. Their “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon” would pack in more neighbors than ever before, and put them right in our face too.

Airline Passengers Photographed Through the Window

Passengers John Schabel photographs 1

Even from the airport terminal it’s hard to make out the tiny people packed into a modern jet, but if you strain your eyes you can see expectant faces waiting for takeoff… or anxious to get off and stretch their legs. Photographer John Schabel’s series captures just that, travelers in the space of time after seating and before takeoff.

Where Do Major US Airlines Fly?

Ever since seeing the Facebook friendship map, Nathan Yau at Flowingdata has been itching for an excuse to play with great circles again. Yau was inspired by Aaron Koblin’s classic Flight Patterns map, but instead of looking at all flights (above); he wanted to break the map down by each individual airline and see where each one flew.

Flashback: Playing Cards from Braniff Airlines

Braniff Airlines was an iconic carrier between 1928 and 1982, transporting a public hungry for travel. They primarily served up flights in the U.S. and South America and with their bold orange color scheme, their jets spoke of warm climates and fun. Here we share 55 Braniff playing cards from 1968, each with a phrase to learn in Portuguese or Spanish. What could be better than a good game with friends in a foreign land while learning the language?