Airbnb’s Global Growth: Visualizing The Journey

Few new businesses have been received with as much excitement as the world-wide private accommodation renting Airbnb… and no wonder, the site has literally exploded with activity in the last two years. This absolutely gorgeous new graphic by design whiz Kelli Anderson, looks at the growth of the massively successful company, which now allows you to rent over 19,000 exciting locations in 192 countries. If this doesn’t give you the travel bug, nothing will.

How Collaborative Sharing Can Make You Money

During these unstable economic times many people are realizing that they have far more “stuff” in their life than they actually need or regularly use. This beautiful graphic from the forward thinking folks at Collaborative Fund, looks at the many ways we can take those items and share them with our community… even making good money on them in the process!

Make a Crazy Video, Win a Private Island Stay

If only airline safety brochures were as fun and entertaining as this one… and if they had in-air competitions it would be even better! This contest put on by the seriously speedy flight search site Hipmunk (we love it) and travel accomodation site Airbnb, challenges you to share your best crazy video using phone app, SocialCam. The reward? A week long trip to your own, palm tree lined, private island paradise in Fiji!