Drone Captures Unique Birds Eye Views of Famous Landmarks

Everyone loves aerial photography, that’s why the airplane window shot is such a popular tradition on Instagram. But photojournalist Amos Chapple captures some views that an airplane passenger can’t. In his stunning series “Air”, the New Zealand-based artist used a drone to catch bird’s eye views of architectural landmarks. He was on the forefront of drone scouting before it was banned and captured quite a lovely collection of famous building from this unique perspective.

Umbrellas for Miles: Aerial Views of a Colorful Italian Beach Town

German photographer Bernhard Lang went on a pleasant holiday to the seaside resort town of Adria, Italy – a place that is absolutely covered with umbrellas. Located between the coastlines of Ravenna and Rimini on the Adriatic coast, each hotel has its own umbrella design, creating a sea of color that extends for miles. This inspired a photographic project for Lang, who decided that on his next trip he would arrange a plane and shoot the scene from the air. That happened last month, and the photos are fantastic. It almost seems like a beachside Candy Land of sorts.

Aerial Photographs or Abstract Paintings? Andre Ermolaev Captures Stunning Icelandic Rivers from Above

It’s hard to believe now, but at the beginning of the photographic era there was a heated debate about whether photographs should be considered ‘fine art’. Russian photographer Andre Ermolaev’s work would have settled that argument conclusively. His images capture the volcanic rivers of Iceland from far above, revealing nature created washes of color that could easily be found on an abstract painters canvas.

Cameron Davidson Captures Our World from Above


Cameron Davidson is an aerial photographer who also shoots location portraits. Based in Washington D.C., Davidson has been enthralled with photography since he took his first pictures as a young boy. Inspired by his great-grandfather, he gained a healthy respect for nature, then learning from his mother, a helicopter reporter, he infused flight into his photography. Having found his calling he has been most recognized for his works photographing Chesapeake Bay and Haiti.

Vibrant Tulips of Holland Shot From Above

1 Tulip Fields Normann Szkop

With the help of pilot Claython Pender, photographer Normann Szkop was given one of the most remarkable views of Holland in the Spring. A beloved symbol of the Netherlands, the tulip fields attract many visitors in their blossoming season of April and May, but tourists can still see flowers all year round. The bulb flower business is booming in the Netherlands, exporting to hundreds of countries worldwide. Szkop captured the vibrancy of this season remarkably with this aerial view of Anna Paulowna, a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland..

Photographing Beaches From Far, Far Above

Everyone loves the beach, right? The hot summers summon inland dwellers to the ocean, where one can soak in the cool sea waters, lather up with their favorite lotion and look at the beautiful and not so beautiful individuals that wear little or no clothing.

From The Air, The Earth Looks Like A Painting

Taking a different, unusual view of an object gives us the oportunity to see it all over for the first time. The aerial photographs of Stephan Zirwes do just that with a very large object: the earth. His images come alive with pattern and color, so much so that it’s almost difficult to recognize them as images of our own beautiful home.