25 Incredibly Creative Bench Ads

Although park benches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating creative advertising, many times its the places you least expect that you find the greatest examples of what you’re looking for. As a case in point, consider the following bench advertisements. With everything from Amnesty International to Pampers, these are 25 incredibly creative bench ads.

Tech Ads That Got Their Plugs Pulled

You wouldn’t often think of technology as being controversial, but in their effort to promote products, big tech corporations have sometimes pushed the limits of comfort just a bit far. Here we bring you tech ads that had their plugs pulled from giants such as Microsoft, HP and Apple.

Microsoft: Nothing like setting the bar low with an Internet Explorer 8 video that features puking and vomiting and barfing and…

Beer Tasted Better in the 80s!

“This Bud’s for you.” Washing windows to the music of Oingo Boingo. – Budweiser

If you like dogs, bikinis, the 80s and beer… you’re going to love these videos like a long Friday night. Back in the days of low production costs and high spirits, these advertisements celebrated the enjoyment of sipping down some suds. Cheers!

Infinity: What Are You Thinking About?

Imagine a world where all your thoughts come to life, every amazing invention you can think is realized before your eyes and each adventure is a journey instantly manifested. In their new advertisement for Batelco, the filmmakers at Spyfilms create a reality where all ideas are possible… and it’s one amazing roller coaster ride.

The film is part of a rather confusing interactive Facebook campaign for the Bahrain based communications group Batelco. It invites viewers to take webcam shots of themselves, the slogan “Batelco. Bringing ideas to life” is pasted over their face and then they are supposed to put down their ‘ideas’. Where this is all going, and to what ends, left us a little lost… we think Batelco could implement an instructional ‘about’ video to great advantage. Regardless, it’s a thrilling film by the very talented folks at Spyfilm.