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Brilliant Brazilian Ad Campaign Features Legendary Artists on the Dissecting Board

Monday 03.03.2014 , Posted by
1 DDB Brazil

Art is an expression of what’s on the inside and now we can see what it was that gave Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh their signature styles. In an ad campaign for MASP Art School in Sao Paolo, Brazilian advertising agency DDB puts famous artists on the dissecting board to show how their insides are different from ours. Each artist’s internal organs are presented as he might have painted them. My imagination is running rampant with all of the possibilities for a continuation of this series. [Read more...]


What if City Billboards Where Plastered with Art Instead of Ads?

Friday 02.07.2014 , Posted by
OMG Who stole my ads Etienne Lavie 1

If you’re the citizen of any world city, you’re used to seeing ads just about everywhere. From cosmetics models staring back at the bus stop, to flashing electronic billboards advertising bubbly sugar water, it’s hard to avoid being bombarded by advertising – subliminal or not. French artist Etienne Lavie has a solution that will make artists happy and ad execs sad: fill the city with art. Lavie has imagined replacing the many billboards of Paris with classic artworks, from Renaissance to Impressionism. [Read more...]


Huge Submarine Crashes Through the Streets of Milan

Friday 10.04.2013 , Posted by


It’s not every day that we get to cover the PR campaign of an insurance company… that’s probably because nobody really gets excited about insurance and there ads are almost all predictable. That might have changed with this fantastically alluring piece from M&C Saatchi Milano for insurance firms Europ Assistance IT and Genertel. They staged an event that had hundreds staring with mouths agape at a massive submarine that seemingly went off course and surfaced through the streets of Milan. [Read more...]


The 20 Best Volkswagen Ads from Their 1960s Campaign

Tuesday 09.03.2013 , Posted by

VW ads 1

When Mad Men’s Donald Draper chats about the 1960 Volkswagen ad with his team, he’s rightfully awed. This introduction of the bizarrely shaped auto to the American market was far from the norm. In those days, most car ads looked something like this or this, and while other companies were producing their largest cars ever – advertising “wide-track” steering and selling it with models sporting tuxedos and cocktail dresses – Volkswagen said we should “think small” and that their car was a “lemon.” [Read more...]


Strap on Those Feet and Let’s Go Trekking! Bizarre Photo Manipulations Bend Reality

Thursday 08.01.2013 , Posted by

Hugh Kretschmer photo manipulations 1

Strap on those feet and let’s go trekking! What at first seems impossible, quickly becomes easy in Hugh Kretschmer’s bizarre photo manipulations. Feet grow laces like a pair of hiking boots, as do a pair of fist like boxing gloves; star shaped cookies become throwing stars, deeply embedded in a paper target; and auto mechanics become tools just like everything else hanging from the wall. [Read more...]


Massive Cardboard Boombox Brings Beats to Zurich

Friday 06.07.2013 , Posted by

Bartek Elsner Cardboard Sculptures 2

Earlier this week we covered the wildly large book sculpture garden of Long-Bin Chen, and now we’re looking at a huge cardboard sculpture by german multi-disciplinary designer Bartek Elsner. Why? Because sometimes, bigger IS better! Here Elsner has created a boombox of monumental size, so large it fills his studio to capacity and dwarfs a DJ mixing beats in front of it. The tightly constructed piece was made as a promotion for Mini at the International Radio Festival in Zurich. It was designed to completely surround a Mini Clubman which acted as the internal sound system, so Elsner created the piece in modular fashion, allowing it to be built up block by block around its automotive counterpart. [Read more...]


The Vancouver Aquarium’s Smart New Ad Campaign

Monday 06.03.2013 , Posted by

Vancouver Aquarium Advertisment Campaign 3

The Vancouver Aquarium is doing it right… especially when it comes to their recent ad campaigns. Using the lethal combo of interesting scientific facts and smart/funny ad placement, they are making a real splash around the Canadian city. You know you’ve got a hit campaign when people stop just to photograph your ads! [Read more...]


Retro-Fantastic Posters from Mads Berg

Wednesday 05.15.2013 , Posted by

Mads Berg Illustrations 4

It’s hard to create more nostalgia than with the faded tones of a vintage advertising poster. Those glorious old ads push just the right buttons, bringing back memories of blissfully warm days, breathtaking views while traveling and good times spent with friends. Danish illustrator Mads Berg works with these classic influences, creating some of the most delicious retro posters we’ve seen. [Read more...]


A Russian Museum of Architecture’s Smart Ad Campaign

Friday 04.05.2013 , Posted by

Schusev State Museum of Architecture Advertising Campaign 1

With the smart tag line “Discover the Full Story,” the Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow recently released a seriously slick advertising campaign. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Russia, it sees historic Russian buildings extending far into the ground as if the part we’re familiar with was only the peak of a much larger building. It’s as if archeologists had one day explored deep into the basement and discovered they were really in the attic. [Read more...]


A Duck is Different than a Buck: 50s Ethyl Gasoline Ads

Thursday 02.21.2013 , Posted by


In a time long before Photoshop, when advertising departments looked something like the set of Mad Men and every piece of art was hand-crafted, this advertising campaign from the Ethyl Corporation was highly ambitious and still succeeds in capturing our eye. The once giant Ethyl Corporation is a manufacturer of fuel additives designed to stop engines from knocking better than fuel without – a point driven home by this vintage series of ads… after all, a collie is very different than a cauliflower. [Read more...]

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