Overlapping Worlds: Cinta Vidal’s Unique Paintings Show the Dimensions of Our Lives

Not only do our lives coexist with millions of others on this planet, we also have overlapping dimensions of our own lives. From work, to family, core relationships, ambitions, and passions, we have many different realities swirling around us. Painter Cinta Vidal Agulló attempts to express this sentiment in her gravity-defying paintings. The Barcelona-based artist uses acrylic paint on wooden panels to create scenes that show the intersection of multiple experiences. Like a colorful, more lively 3D rendition of M.C. Escher’s House of Stairs, the paintings entertain the brain and understanding her purpose opens the mind for philosophical pondering.

Intricately Detailed, Hand Made Paper Birds Look Shockingly Realistic

Inspired by the natural world, London-based artist Zack Mclaughlin shows his child like wonder and attention to detail by reproducing the intricately detailed things he spots. His latest series is a collection of hand made birds that are cut from wood and paper and painted with acrylic paints. The birds look so realistic and beautiful that it’s hard to believe that they won’t fly away.

Fantasy Meets Folk Art: Afro-Caribbean Inspired Paintings by Paul Lewin

Although he only lived in Kingston, Jamaica for 4 years before moving to Miami, Florida with his family, the impact of the Afro-Caribbean art left a lasting imprint on Paul Lewin’s style as an artist. Surrounded by cultural artifacts and art from around the world, Lewin’s paintings celebrate folklore, indigenous cultures, world religion, and ancient societies. Intricately detailed with a surreal twist, his acrylic paintings blend his global experience into a fantasy world. Currently based in Oakland, Lewin has a unique style that includes traditional Caribbean and African motifs as well as science fiction.

Artworks Unexpectedly Leap from the Canvas. Bizarre 3D Sculpture/Paintings by Japan’s Yuki Matsueda


The fascinating works of Yuki Matsueda pop out of their box enclosures and frames, penetrating the viewer’s space. Yolks fly out of eggs, figures jump out of exit signs, and kings and queens leap out of playing cards. Matsueda was born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1980. He won the 2010 Nippon Paint Design Center Award and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a PhD in 2010. He has shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Asia and Europe.

Trippy Paintings on the Pages of Books

1 doctorlinguini

Why buy expensive art paper or canvas when you can make amazing art on the pages of an old book? That seems to be the motto of deviantARTist CaptainWheeler. She purchased an old cooking dictionary at a garage sale for fifty cents and has plans of creating art on the pages of this and other repurposed books all summer long. The self-described “lame-o/art school loser” is way too hard on herself with this incredible talent. Her paintings- done in watercolors, acrylic, and ink feature creative imaginings way beyond her years. Her aesthetic is dark, yet calming, and sometimes hilarious.

Colorful Canines: Vibrant Pooch Paintings

Lauren Carlson Walcott 1

Lauren Carlson Walcott is one artist who is as bright and bubbly as her paintings. Using watercolors and sometimes acrylics, she captures the spirit and soul of everything she paints. In this dog series, she has paired each playful pup with the perfect colors and accessories to accentuate their individuality. Based in Philadelphia, she is inspired by all of the beauty around her- people, vintage clothing prints, architecture, green space, patterns, dreams, creative friends and, of course, DOGS. Lauren gets lost in painting and finds it to be the most therapeutic way to relax after a long day. By day, she is a visual merchandising manager at Anthropologie and is half of the print design duo called Rue + Jane which is sold there. You can see more of her work on Squarespace and purchase prints on Etsy. You can also contact her to make a custom painting of your favorite pet! Despite her busy schedule, we were fortunate to get an interview with the beautiful, talented Lauren Carlson Walcott! (See below)

Whimsical Paintings With Pop-Culture Swagger

Artist Drake Brodahl describes himself as a “part-time, pajama-wearing tube sock ninja”… and even better than that, we think he’s also a black belt with the paintbrush. Inspired by classic children’s books, his often whimsical acrylic paintings have a decidedly mid-century flair, mixing pop-culture references with charmingly humanistic animals. Based out of the greater Seattle area, Brodahl has been exhibiting up and down the west coast of the United States and is quickly gaining notoriety. See his website, drakebrodahl.com for more of his work, or see the latest at his blog, pumml.blogspot.com.