Pun Intended: Hilariously Cute Minimalist Illustrations


If walls could talk, they probably wouldn’t be nearly as funny as these other everyday objects- like blue cheese, onions, hammers, and light bulbs. Freelance illustrator and designer Jaco Haasbroek has created this hilarious series of minimalist characters speaking what’s on their “minds”. The set, called Food, Object or Animal is comprised of little acrylic and ink paintings on paper with handwritten speech text in all caps. From cheese that’s “mature for his age” to shivering “chilly” peppers, Haasbroek will have you thinking about how to personify all of the foods and objects you come into contact with.

Sairah Ali Paints Animals and Colorful Geometry

Sairah Ali Paintings 3

With stark contrasts of organic and geometric form, Sairah Ali paints a world of colorful animals. Each of her paintings features a central animal figure – realistically rendered – while the background pops into bold multicolored pattern. Although not organic in form, the backgrounds are hued to inspire visions of nature: fields, the sky or the jungle. In this way, what could be two clashing elements form a beautiful and inspired whole.

Black Hole: Paint in Motion by Fabian Oefner


Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner’s latest project is sure to impress with its vibrant and colorful paints in motion. Titled “Black Hole,” Fabian added acrylic paints to a metal rod which he then connected to a drill. He got his camera ready, turned the drill on and voil√†! He captured the images of the paint in its initial motion before flying all over the place. While a simple technique overall, the results are stunning and visually enjoyable.

Visual Bits #379>Living In A Hyperreal World:Paintings

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Visual Bits #259> Watercolors Exploding On Canvas

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Andy Awesome & His Museum of Awesome Art

Andy Awesome is one of those explosive new talents that with style and finesse have jumped into the spotlight… and look good doing it. Awesome got his start making t-shirts of his own design but after creating some acrylic on canvas paintings to promote his wearable creations, his art career took off by popular demand.

From Batman to Bob Ross the “happy tree’s” guy, Awesome takes iconic characters and distills their style down to its most minimal. He then places them in his trademark circular frame. Here we bring you paintings from his series’ Part 1 and Part 2.

One of Awesome’s latest projects is a very unique feature on his very entertaining website: an interactive 3D museum of his work. Cleverly called MoAA (Museum of Awesome Art), the virtual gallery has 5 explorable rooms filled with Awesome’s own work and some of his imaginative re-interpretations of contemporary artists. This museum is free every day and definitely worth a look!

Dreamlike Collage Landscapes

Creating collage landscapes using a plethora of techniques, artist Adam Friedman creates dream world masterpieces. To bring his works into the world he uses everything from acrylic painting to screen printing to gel transfers. His creations mix linear elements with organic shapes and often slightly askew symmetry to manifest what sometimes appear to be worlds overlapping like Russian dolls. For more on his excellent work, check out his site, artbyadamfriedman.com.