LSD ABC: Animations That Will Blow Your Mind


Your world might never be the same after taking a dose of LSD ABC. This fantastically mind bending animation comes to us, released a lot like a self-titled album, from the talents of LSD ABC (a collaboration between French designer/animators Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis). The Vimeo Staff Picked short takes the form of an alphabetic journey, walking us through each letter one by one. Unlike the childhood versions we’re accustomed too, however, this takes on new and strange subject matter fitting only for those who’ve looked outside the boundaries of normal experience.

The Alphabets Popularity on Google

If you’ve ever wondered what the most popular letters are in the world, a good indicator would be what people search on Google. Smäll, a Barcelona based design firm, has put together a clear look at the popularity of each letter based on just that. Not too surprising the letter “a” tops the ranks and leaves J as the least popular letter. Now, if we could just re-order our keyboards based on these findings we’d type at hyper-speed.